(REV 1/29/2018)

These terms and regulations are to be part of each membership agreement, as concerns the rights, privileges, benefits and requirements of Club membership. Club Management may make changes from time to time; such changes shall become effective upon publication and posting at the Clubhouse.


  1. Available memberships are Full (tennis, swim, & gym) or Fitness (swim & gym); both available for either single or family.A family is defined as two married people with or without children.Dependent children under the age of 25 and residing with their parents shall be considered part of the family. Single memberships are available for ages 16 and up. We also offer Junior Tennis Memberships for ages 13 – 17.
  2. All Memberships shall be commenced upon receipt of payment of the Initiation Fee and 1st month’s prorated dues. Dues shall continue to be payable monthly, in advance, on the first day of each month together with all charges then accrued.
  3. All memberships are nonproprietary.The benefits, rights and privileges of membership shall confer no ownership rights nor impose any liabilities on Members for the financial or other responsibilities of the Management.
  4. Members shall be responsible for the timely payment of dues and all charges made by them or others authorized by them.Dependent children will be deemed authorized to make charges on family memberships unless the Management is otherwise notified in writing.
  5. All Members shall comply with the published Club Rules at all times.These may be amended, supplemented or otherwise changed from time to time by the Management.In the event of dispute as to the meaning or application of the rules, the Management shall be the final authority.
  6. Management reserves the right to terminate a membership based on infringement of the rules.If management deems the infringement serious enough to be grounds for termination, a warning will be issued to the member.A second violation will be grounds for termination.If a member is terminated, there will be no refund of any dues, initiation fee, or deposit.
  7. Each membership will be provided with 12 guest passes per year. Guests are only permitted in the club 2 times per year. Once 12 passes have been used in a year guests fees will apply.
  8. Memberships can be put on freeze for medical purposes only. A doctor’s note must be provided at the time of the freeze. Members must notify the business office prior to returning to the club.
  9. All employees are authorized and instructed to enforce club rules.
  10. Membership cards are provided for each member 8 years old and above. All members must show their cards when entering or charging at the club. Additional identification may be required. There is a $5.00 charge for all replacement cards.
  11. No smoking on club premises. No pets on club premises. No rollerblades, skates or scooters on the club premises.


  1. All Rules, Regulations, & Conditions of Membership are as stated adhered to in the Westlake Athletic Club Membership Agreement.
  2. Statements will be available online the 1st of the month.All dues, fees and charges are due by the end of the month and DELINQUENT if not received at the club by the last day of the month.
  3. A $10 late fee will be assessed if payments are not received by the last day of the month.
  4. Delinquent members who have had their memberships terminated may be reinstated if prior account balance is paid in full. In all cases the full initiation fee is due prior to reinstatement.
  5. Members will be assessed a $25.00 fee for each non-sufficient fund returned check
  6. It is our intention to promptly correct any billing errors.Any such errors or inquiries are to be reported to the Club in writing if the Club member intends to withhold payment on their account.
  7. Members in good standing wishing to terminate their membership at the Club must notify the office IN WRITING 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE IN ORDER FOR THE RESIGNATION TO BE EFFECTIVE. No refunds of initiation or dues will be extended.
  8. Membership conversions must be done in writing.The difference in the initiation fees is due at the time of upgrade. Forms are available at front desk.
  9. Parking is provided for members and their guests; however the Club will not be responsible for your vehicle or valuables while you are using the facility.


  • Monday & Wednesday: 5:15am–10:00pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 5:30am–10:00pm
  • Friday: 5:30am–9:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am–7:00pm
  • Club Closed: Thanksgiving, Christmas
  • Reduced hours on National Holidays—signs will be posted in advance.


  1. All members, guests and other persons using or visiting the club premises will be expected to conduct themselves in a safe, courteous and sensible manner, with proper regard for the rights and privileges of others. Courtesy, politeness and good sportsmanship shall prevail at all times.Loud or profane language or other practices that may annoy, or interfere with the enjoyment of the Club by other members will not be allowed.
  2. Appropriate tennis attire and tennis shoes must be worn on the courts at all times.Black soled shoes are not allowed.
  3. All members and their guests must check in at the front desk prior to using the facilities. This includes swimmers and tennis players as well as anyone who uses the backboard, Jacuzzi, sauna, etc. Payments for lessons and/or clinics must be made at time of checkin.All guests must fill out a guest waiver once per calendar year.The guest waiver for a minor (defined as 18 & under) must be filled out by his/her parent or legal guardian prior to the minor's use of the club.
  4. A member is expected to accompany his guest. Exceptions should be cleared through the general manager prior to arrival at the club.

Guest Policy for a WAC Membership

  • Each membership (excluding Jr. Memberships) will be provided with 12 guest passes per year.Once a membership has used all 12 guest passes, guest fees will apply. Junior memberships are not allowed guest passes.
  • Guests are only permitted in the club 6 times per year. A guest can use a membership's guest pass or pay the guest fee; however, a guest can only use the club 6 times per year.
  • Out-of-town guests of current members are not limited to 6 times per year;they can either use the member's 12 guest passes, pay $20/day, and/or buy a short-term membership of out-of-town guests of current members (see below)
    • Swim/Fitness (for Guest of Member & Out-of-Town Guests not associated with a Current Member):
      • Adults (13 & up) $20 per person per visit
      • Children (12 & under) $10 per child per visit
      • Infants: no charge
    • Tennis (for Guest of Member):
      • Adults (13 & up) $20 per person per visit
      • Children (12 & under) $10 per child per visit
    • Tennis (for Out-of-Town Guests not associated with a Current Member):
      • $30/person regardless of age
  • Juniors are ages 13 to 17.
  • All lesson programs are open to the public. There will be no teaching of lessons by any person other than a WAC instructor.
  • Club property lost or destroyed by a member or his guest must be replaced at member/guest expense.
  • Items to be posted on the bulletin board must be approved by the management prior to posting.
  • The club shall not be liable for injury or accident that may be suffered by any member or guest due to carelessness or negligence of any person or condition.
  • Bathing attire is not allowed on the tennis side of the Clubhouse nor in the upstairs lounge. Shirts /tops must be worn by men/women everywhere on the property except the pool area.
  • All reservations or sign-ups made by members for special events, lessons and the like shall be charged against the member irrespective of whether the same are used, unless such reservations are canceled not less than 24 hours prior to the time for which the same have been made.
  • Complimentary towels are provided for member use at this time. Please limit yourself to one towel per visit.Management reserves the future right to offer towel service for a fee or terminate the provision of towels if it becomes cost prohibitive.
  • Lockers are available for adults and juniors age 16 and up.Monthly rental lockers are available in the changing sheds at a charge of $10.00/month.
  • Children ages 5 and under are allowed in the locker rooms of the opposite sex as long as they are accompanied by an adult.


  1. The courts are regulated by the sign-up sheets that are located at the front desk. Court times may be reserved 4 days in advance. Calls can be made to the front desk beginning at 7 am. Reservations for court time may not be made prior to any League or USTA match if you are participating in the match. If a court is available (defined as an empty court) prior to the match, then the front desk may assign warm-up courts. To be assigned a court or to be put on the waiting list 2 players must be present.Five minutes before your time comes up check with the desk attendant who will assign you the next available court.Proceed to your court.Be sure you do not walk onto the court in the middle of a game.Refer to #4 in regards to bumping players.
  2. Allotted Time for Play:
    • Singles: 1 hour
    • Doubles: 1½ hour

    Depending on usage, the club reserves the right to change the above time limit as they deem necessary to accommodate the maximum number of members.

  3. If there are open courts, you may not bump a court that is in use.
  4. If you do need to bump a court, allow the players to finish the current point in progress before you walk onto the court
  5. Members who bring children young enough to need constant adult supervision must keep their children with them at all times.
  6. Junior memberships are tennis only. Juniors must abide by the same court sign up and court rules. Junior members are not permitted to book courts during prime times. 8:30am–10:30am and 5:00pm–7:30pm.
  7. Courts will be lighted as necessary for evening play.As courts are vacated you may be asked to move forward in order for lights on empty courts to be turned off for the evening.
  8. Occasionally courts may be used for special events.Every effort will be made to post advance notice when this occurs.
  9. The club staff shall have the authority to interpret these regulations and to use their best judgment in enforcing them.
  10. Rainy Day Policy: The courts will remain closed until the entire blue surface and 6 feet of the green surface behind the baseline is dry. The courts are evaluated individually and will be released for play once it is determined they are completely dry. This is for both our member's safety and to prevent damage to the courts. Courts will be released to members based on their original reservation times. If you have an 8:30am doubles reservation and it is determined the court is ready for play at 9:00am, you will have your court until 10:00am. As always, if your court is not reserved at 10:00am, you will be permitted to stay on the court.
  11. Rainedout.net—Members are requested to sign up for rained out notifications via text by enrolling in rainedout.net. Instructions are available at the front desk.


  1. All guest fees apply to the use of the pool.
  2. Rules and requests made by lifeguards and staff must be complied with at all times.
  3. When Lifeguard is on duty:
    • Children 12 & under (including guests) must be accompanied & supervised by an adult.
    • Juniors 13, 14, & 15 may swim unaccompanied if the lifeguard deems them pool safe.
    • When lifeguards are not on duty juniors 13, 14 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Juniors 16 & up may swim unaccompanied anytime.
    • Junior is defined as 17 and under.
    • Adult is defined as 18 and up.
  4. No Lifeguard on duty:
    • All children ages 15 and under must be accompanied & supervised by an adult.
    • Use the pool at your own risk.
  5. The following safety rules are to be followed at all times:
    • No running on the deck
    • No diving into the pool
    • No pushing anyone into the water
    • No horseplay, splashing, dunking, or hitting
    • No chewing gum
    • No flips or spinning entries from the side of the pool
    • No climbing on walls or fences.
    • No throwing balls (except sponge balls) in the pool or on the deck.
    • No flotation devices *except for U.S. Coast Guard Approved life vests*
    • No glass containers in the pool area
    • All gates around the pool must be closed at all times
    • All children who wear diapers must wear swim diapers
    • Appropriate swim attire must be worn while using pool and spa
    • Lap lanes reserved for Juniors & Adults swimming laps
    • When all lanes are occupied members are required to share the lanes. Please share your lane with a swimmer who swims at a pace similar to yours.
    • Children 12 and under are not permitted in the Jacuzzi. Children 13 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Adult must accompany children 12 & under in locker rooms.Children ages 5 and under are allowed in the locker rooms of the opposite sex as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
  6. During scheduled masters workouts all lanes are reserved for participants in the masters program as needed.


  1. Families are invited to use the upstairs lounge for relaxation and visiting.Children who require adult supervision may not be left unaccompanied in the lounge while the parent uses the courts, gym or swims.
  2. No unauthorized persons are permitted in the Club office or behind the counters.
  3. Members will be notified of emergency calls; all other messages will be held at front desk.


  1. Equipment orientation is available for members upon request.
  2. Minimum age: 12-13 years old with a parent
  3. Members 14-17 years old can use fitness center without supervision after they receive clearance from a WAC trainer.
  4. Use equipment at your OWN RISK. Management assumes no responsibility for any injury that may occur.
  5. Please follow equipment placards carefully.
  6. Please check with your physician before starting an exercise program.
  7. Please WIPE DOWN the equipment and the floor/surrounding area after usage.
  8. Do not DROP THE DUMBBELLS OR KETTLE BELLS on the floor.
  9. Please place the dumbbells back on the rack.
  10. Please place the accessories in the proper storage area.
  11. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. No sandals or flip-flops are permitted. No swimming suits are permitted.
  12. No food, alcohol, glass containers, smoking, or horseplay is permitted in the facility.
  13. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  14. Please report faulty or damaged equipment to a staff member immediately.
  15. Keep windows and doors closed at all times.
  16. If a member is waiting to use the weight equipment you are using—finish your set and then that member is allowed to "work in"—the members will take turns completing their sets.