It's not just fitness. It's your life.


imgIn order to engage and entertain our members while they are training on the cardiovascular equipment we have equipped all of our cardio equipment with VISIOWEB technology which allows our members to surf the web, watch TV, stay in touch with friends and check e-mails. This platform empowers our members to have fun!

imgWith a Mywellness account on the Technogym cloud members can monitor their workouts both inside and outside of the club to help them achieve their fitness goals. Our highly trained fitness staff can collect and analyze data and develop customized training solutions for the members. With the Challenge application management can design custom challenges where members compete against one another to inspire them to move more and outdo their friends.We will also be able to compete against other clubs throughout the world. The club that wins this challenge will receive a complete line of strength equipment which will then be donated to a local school in their area.

WAC recently added two new outdoor fitness areas. One area is geared towards functional training and includes equipment such as: functional trainers, TRX stations, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, balance balls, bands & straps, plyo boxes and more. This new area was so popular with members that we decided to add a second outdoor cardio area with elliptical, bikes, rowers and self-powered treadmills. The matrix equipment features the Sprint 8 program which is a high intensity interval workout that is easy to follow along with. If you are tight on time this is a terrific workout because it is only 20 minutes long and is recommended to be done 2 or 3 times per week. Living in Southern California we love being outside! Why not workout outside as well?

Outdoor Bootcamp –On the Green

Jump ropes, kettlebells, TRX, resistance straps and more. High energy workout combining strength, cardio, core & functional fitness. Designed for maximum calorie burn in the shortest amount of time.

Water Fitness

Focuses on both cardiovascular endurance and strength training. The properties of water create a low impact environment for weight bearing joints and strengthens muscles in all directions of movement. Buoyant water weights and noodles are used to provide a great way burn fat, build muscle and have FUN!!

Yoga, Resistance Strength & Stretching, & More