Yoga, Resistance Strength & Stretching, & More


Our classes welcome everyone, regardless of fitness level, or Yoga experience. Your teacher will help you take your practice where you'd like it to go. Yoga is known to be relaxing with plenty of stretching poses (asanas), however, the benefits of a regular practice move far beyond just increasing flexibility. One of these many benefits include toning and strengthening the muscles of the entire body. Strengthening poses are accessible to everyone, at all levels, with the use of props, modifications and proper instruction to guide you.

Resistance Strength & Stretching

Utilizes the Yoga Wall for resistance training combined with floor exercises using a number of different props, including: gliding discs, stability balls and band training.

Adult Tennis Drills

This is a warm-up clinic for the mixed doubles leagues. This is a high energy clinic, packed with competitive live ball drills and lots of laughter. (additional fee)

Live Ball Tennis

Live Ball is a fast paced doubles session that will leave you with much improved doubles strategies. Plan for quicker movements, faster reactions and a fantastic cardio workout (additional fee)

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a fun, healthy clinic for players of all abilities. Heart pumping fitness with a full body, calorie-burning workout (additional fee)

Skills, Drills, & Thrills

After a good warm-up, a "shot of the day" is introduced. The remainder of the clinic incorporates this shot into the fun but competitive drills. Single and doubles strategies are incorporated into the clinic. (additional fee)

Adult Beginner Tennis Clinic

Designed for new players or returning players after a long break. High repetition, stroke development, & footwork concepts (additional fee)

TRX Training

Suspension training program that emphasizes functional movements. A terrific way to develop and maintain strength, flexibility, balance & core stability.