Our sparkling pool overlooks the majestic Santa Monica mountains and is the perfect setting for relaxing or taking in a beautiful sunset. Our Junior Olympic pool is open year round and is maintained at a comfy 80 degrees. Our members enjoy casual or vigorous workouts in the 6 lane pool. Afterward, relax and socialize with other members in the 10 person Jacuzzi.



Shared lap swimming is required at Westlake Athletic Club when all of the lanes are occupied. You are required to share a lane when 2 reservations are booked for the same lane at the same time. Individual lane swimming is okay if no other swimmer is booked.. Always be ready to SHARE YOUR LANE. If sharing a lane is not something that you like to do, please schedule a less active lap swim time.

Circle swimming is usually what is expected, but since there will be swimmers with differing strength, speed and ability, you will start at opposite sides of the pool and remain on the same side of the lane for the duration of your swim time. Swim on the right or left side of the black line that runs down the middle of the lane and remain on that side at all times.

STEP ONE: Enter the Appropriate Lane

Be sure to get your lane assignment from the front desk prior to going out to the pool. If someone is already in your lane, be sure they are aware you will be entering the lane as well. If you are the first swimmer in the lane, be cognizant of a second swimmer who may enter your lane.

STEP TWO: Talk to Your Lane Mates

If you are joining a lane that already has a person in it, communicate clearly to them that they'll need to share
the lane and remain on one side of the black line that runs down the middle of each lane for the duration of their swim. Politely making your presence known is the safe and friendly thing to do. This can be as simple as dangling your feet in the water for a minute before jumping in. Also, knowing your pool's lane-sharing etiquette will make for a friendlier, stress-free swim.

STEP THREE: Stop at the Wall

When sharing a lane, stopping in the middle of the pool could cause a collision. If the other swimmer is swimming past you in the same direction (because they are a faster swimmer) it's best to swim your way to the wall along the lane line. Wait on your side of the lane when you reach the end of the pool and wait for the other swimmer to continue ahead of you.

STEP FOUR: Make Quick, Controlled Turns

When it is busy, lane turns can be the most intimidating (and dangerous) part of sharing a lane. Please make quick and controlled turns to avoid collisions. As you approach the end of the pool, aim for your side of the lane only. Make your turn quickly so that the other swimmers do not think you are stopping to rest. Keep under control while turning to avoid hitting the other swimmer.

STEP FIVE: Pass Safely & Always Communicate

While you are swimming, passing and being passed are inevitable. Communicate with your lane mates about what you are doing, and be flexible. A simple, "So, I'm going to do some sprints on a long rest interval," may keep them from pushing off right in front of you. And if they do anyways, wait 10 seconds before you push off.

STEP SIX: Appropriate Intervals

Use the pace clock to put some space between you and the other swimmers in your lane. If the person in front of you pushed off the wall on the "60," then wait until at least the "10" before you follow them down the pool. This is a "ten-second stagger." Those ten seconds will create some space between you, making it easier for both of you to conduct turns without interference.