Update - Week of January 4, 2021

This is my first time typing "2021" and I think we can all agree we did not expect to be where we are today in this pandemic. I am grateful we continue to remain open for our members. I want to take a moment to thank all our staff who have been working so hard and learning to pivot on a moment's notice to help keep the club not only open, but even robust in these very trying times. With each new protocol and announcement from the State or County we are forced to review all areas of the club and implement new guidelines, internal training or programming changes. The staff has been nothing but open and gracious to respond to these changes, so take a moment during your next visit to thank them for their efforts.

Even more so, I want to personally thank all of our members for your continued support of the club, and for trusting us to be your place to maintain both your physical and mental health. All of us at WAC do what we do to keep our members happy, healthy and safe. We cannot thank you enough.

I am excited to announce what I think are positive changes at the club. Some of these changes you may already be aware of and others will be implemented in January.



  • We will be resuming all or our adult tennis clinics beginning Tuesday, January 5. The schedules are the same and remind you of the guidelines we will need to adhere to:
    1. There will be a limited number of players allowed on each court and all players MUST be registered PRIOR to arriving at the club. No additional players will be added at the club
    2. All players must always remain a minimum of 6 feet apart. We ask this of players from the same family as well. It is difficult for our monitors/pros to know which players are related and this will avoid any confusion.
    3. Please remember a mask must be worn at all times, other than while playing on the court or drinking a rehydration beverage
    4. We have hand sanitizing gel at the entrance to the courts. Please use them when coming on or off the courts. We also ask that you use it prior to assisting with cleaning up the tennis balls
  • The Adult Winter Tennis League sign-ups have begun. You should have received an email from our League coordinator, Shari Gianini. You can sign up at the club or contact Shari at [email protected]. If you did not receive the email, follow the link below for more details:
    Download league flyer here

  • NEW! Tennis Ladders. We are very excited to announce we are offering some new Doubles Tennis Ladders at WAC. This is a great opportunity to participate in challenging matches without the hassle finding other players. Please see some highlights below. Our 4.0-5.0 level will begin this week and we will roll out the others the week of January 18.

    The WAC Doubles Ladders offer fun and competitive doubles play without the weekly commitment of a league and is a great way to meet other players at the club. The player rankings will be updated after each weekly match. The rotating player format allows you to play with a variety of players. The ladder rankings keep the level of play amongst the groupings competitive. The weekly schedule will allow 2 hours of play. Any week you want to play, go to the WAC mobile app and register for the upcoming week. Similar to how you sign up for tennis clinics. You may register up to 7 days in advance. The cost is FREE to members and spots will fill quickly so be sure to register early! Scoresheets will be provided prior to each match to record player scores.

    If you plan to play in one of these ladder groups, please let us know by emailing Chris Dudeck/Debbie Hair at [email protected]. If you have questions or want additional information, please contact us at this email.

The ladder schedule beginning the week of January 18 will be:























  • The Pickleball Round Robin event last week was a huge success and a lot of fun. The winners of the night were:
    Tim and Beth Bearer and our own Front Desk Lead, Mary Ellen Lykken and Karen Walker
  • Of course, Miguel is already planning his next event to be held on Saturday, February 13. Keep your eyes out for the details in an email and flyer. Get ready to Paddle Up!!!!!!!
  • Remember that all areas of the club require reservations so be sure to register for any open play prior to arriving at the club. This allows us to keep members moving through the club and quickly going to their activity

Group Ex

  • We will continue zooming our evening yoga and mat pilates classes. Annadelis' Monday and Wednesday evening yoga class will begin at 5:00p instead of 5:30p to allow time to transition to Rachelle's Mat Pilates class. All other classes are still in person at the club with safe physical distancing and masks. Make sure to take advantage of the zoom classes from our other clubs. This schedule goes out every Sunday to all club members.
  • Sadly, Water Fit is still not allowed during this order, so all classes are suspended until further notice. I promise I review the County and State guidelines daily and will resume them as soon as we are able to. This is a popular class and I look forward to Rhonda and Mary Ann returning as soon as possible.

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Yoga with Annadelis
Meeting ID: 810 9504 5865

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Mat Pilates with Rachelle
Meeting ID: 833 6871 1901

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Yoga with Annadelis
Meeting ID: 810 9504 5865

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Yoga with Bita
Meeting ID: 816 0231 8566

The password for all classes is WAC6164


  • We have moved 2 of our treadmills to the Outdoor Cardio area and the electrical work has been installed, so they are up and running. During my walkthroughs I have already seen several members taking advantage of them and we are so happy to finally provide this additional workout equipment for you.
  • Masks continue to be required in the gym area (Sorry!) We have had to go down to the gyms on several occasions when the maximum number of members working out has exceeded COVID guideline capacity. Please remember that all areas of the club require reservations so please do not use the gyms if you are not registered to do so. We also ask that you complete your workout promptly at the end of your allotted time.
  • The parts for the display for the hamstring stretching machine and the cable for the Technogym equipment have finally been delivered and I have scheduled the repairs.


  • Masters We want all members who pay for the Masters program to have the opportunity to sign up for classes so please limit the number of times you sign up for a class to 3 times per week. This will only work if everyone is thoughtful of your fellow members. If we notice you are signing up for more than 3 classes per week, we will cancel any classes beyond those three workouts without notice.
  • There are still several Master swimmers who have not been able to register for the class and too many occasions where a registered swimmer does not show up. I always prefer to have members self-regulate, but this has not been working. Beginning January 8, the coaches will be taking roll during each class and we will charge $20 for any "no shows". To avoid this fee, you can cancel your reservation via the mobile app as soon as you know you are unable to attend.



Remember to wipe down any equipment you use both before and after use to keep yourself and other members safe. If you are unable to do this, please let the front desk know and we will send someone to do it for you.
I will mention this again… do not hesitate to let us know if an area requires cleaning, restocking or repair. We do our best to review all areas of the club throughout the day but will occasionally miss something. Do not assume we have been told already. We prefer to be told multiple times rather than not knowing at all.

I truly believe we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Though it appears tiny right now, we have several vaccines in the pipeline and I know of several people in the area who have been vaccinated already. Being an optimist, I believe the future looks very bright and we will begin getting back to our "new" normal soon. We are hopeful that the numbers will go down soon and we can be back to where we were prior to the latest Safer at Home order.


Around the Club

We want to congratulate our Men's 3.5 and Women's 4.0 USTA teams for coming in first place for Sectionals. It took a lot of dedication to continue under the County guidelines but they persevered! Congratulations to all the players.


WAC The Dirty Dozen 3.5 Men's USTA team members: David Hoffman – Captain. Curt Harward, Michael Roberts, Paul Bedigian, Curt Cutting, Doug Johnson, Gary Moss, William Morris, Chris Chang, Ron Nathanson, Don Kositchek, Jeff Taylor


WAC Once Again 3.5 Women's USTA Team Members: Mary Rose Bleier, Kym Connor, Leslie Silverman, Lori Mealer, Kathy Schatz, Nancy Akkerman, Melissa Albright, Judy Caperon, Karen Whipple, Lisa Shepherd, Karen Kolosieke, Beth Bearer, Patti MacNamara, Rachel Lee, Cindy Giammarrusco, LA Garland, Pamela Cole, Lisa Marnell