October Newsletter 2022

What's Happening @ WAC?


We have a large tennis event coming up on October 22. We will be hosting the Conejo Cup for the first time. This is a fun and competitive tennis tournament between WAC and 3 other local clubs– North Ranch, Sunset and Spanish Hills. All tennis courts will be used all day and we expect parking to be a challenge. We have canceled all classes, clinics and open play sessions that day. The facilities are available for any personal activities, but be sure to plan for parking.


Club Hours

Mon-Thu 5:30am to 10:00pm
Friday 5:30am to 9:00pm
Sat-Sun 7:00am to 7:00pm


Upcoming Events

Oct 22 from 7:30am to 8:00pm – Conejo Cup


* Sponsorship Opportunities
Promote your business to active families in our community. Become a sponsor for the Conejo Cup Event. There will be 250 captive players from 3 other local tennis clubs.

Please contact Tennis Director Chris Dudeck (310) 621-0720 for more information.

Oct 29 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm Sound Bath with Tae Bond: This continues to be a popular event and we are offering it again this month. This is a wonderful way to bathe your body in soothing, meditative sounds! I have already registered for this event, and I look forward to a "reset" for the beginning of Fall. Click on the links below for more details and to sign up. (Arrive 15 minutes early to set up your space)


November 13 2:30pm to 4:30pm - Paint & Sip

Date: Sunday November 13, 2022
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Place: WAC
Cost: $45.00
You will create beautiful cards using watercolor paints. Wine, appetizers and all art supplies are included. Show up ready to relax and have fun. Please RSVP on the WAC app under "Classes" listed on November 13. 15 persons maximum.




Hopefully you have been enjoying the new court surfaces this summer. We have set up a monthly schedule for court washing to keep the surface clean. Wind, dust and leaves are always a challenge, so please let us know if a court needs to be cleaned of debris and we will send out maintenance to blow the debris off the court.



We are close to having all eight pickleball courts completed, and will have a drinking fountain installed by the end of this week. We are also ordering replacement picnic tables. Lead times can be long for furniture and equipment and I will keep you posted when they arrive.

When all the courts are available, our pickleball Director and Coaches will be trying different open play formats to allow for an even better experience. Please look closely at the new descriptions once we start implementing the new format. Please feel free to share your feedback with Miguel, Tim or Mark. Open Play times will remain the same for now and we are looking at adding another Open Play on Saturday late afternoon or early evening with no coach. Let us know your interest in having this new day and time.


Fitness and Swim


Expansion of the Outdoor Gym

We have expanded the turf by the existing outdoor cardio gym area and will be arranging our existing equipment. The new equipment (Abductor/Adductor, Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Squat Rack and Olympic Press) is scheduled to arrive the beginning of November. We are awaiting the installation of the flooring so the equipment can be placed properly. Long lead times for nearly all equipment, parts, etc. has been a serious challenge for us but we see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project.

Introducing Our New Swim Instructor

imgWe're pleased to welcome our newest swim instructor, Tami Miller. Tami is a lifelong swimmer with 12 years of teaching experience, as well as 12 years of experience teaching water aerobics. She is skilled in helping swimmers of all levels achieve their swim goals through a combination of easy to understand instructions, creativity, and patience ... and as a mom to four boys (ages 23, 22, 19, and 17), Tami has mastered the art of patience! If you'd like to schedule swim lessons for you or your children ages 5 and older, text Tami at 818.288.0767. We keep our pool temperature at 80 degrees year-round so be sure to prepare yourself or your child for next year's swim season now.

Introducing Our New Fitness Instructor and Newly Added Classes

imgGeri Arnais has gained national recognition as a Los Angeles Personal Trainer. Her unique inside-out approach to fitness presents a kaleidoscope of fitness genres blending contemporary exercise with ancient body techniques. Cardiovascular, strength (weight) training, functional core conditioning and flexibility take on new meaning infusing the elements of core awareness and passionate presence.

Featured on The Discovery Health Channel, Geri was hired as a fitness trainer on The Body Challenge, one of America's first television reality shows and predecessor to The Biggest Loser. In 2001, she produced one of the first Pilates exercise videotapes, Pilates Poise, An Intelligent Mat Technique, receiving a four-star rating in Fit Magazine. Today, she services a private clientele and conducts workshops throughout Los Angeles on The Pilates Mat Technique, The Mayan Body: The Seven Natural Curves of Divinity, and Chakra Power, The Hidden Powers Within.

TRX Tuesday & Thursday Mornings at 7:15am

This class is entirely core-focused, TRX awakens new awareness in the body building true functional strength, improving flexibility and balance via core stability.

Featuring powerful upper and lower body conditioning, including small muscle groups and a targeted abdominal segment, makes this the best 'bang for the buck' for those with little time to devote to postural and muscle integrity. You'll feel the quality of movement with concise, easy to understand exercises.

Mat Pilates Monday & Wednesday Evenings at 5:30pm

Discover, "It's the quality of movement that counts". The abdominals are the visual center that
define body symmetry. Developing a strong core supports the upper body, reducing back pain
and improving posture. It aids in digestion, elimination, and generally enhances your entire well

Geri guides you through easy-to-understand exercises that coordinate breath and movement.
With isolation and precise alignment, she engages you to work intelligently ––applying good
body mechanics to every move. A focused workout, you'll feel and see immediate results, as
you correct alignment problems and muscular imbalances to embody the ultimate in core




Mosquitos, Midges and Bees

I have learned more about insects this summer than I ever cared to, but I have been working with L.A. County Vector, Westlake Lake Management, our exterminator and Bee Specialists to help reduce the numbers at the club. They reviewed our club and gave us suggestions for how we can help to keep the numbers down and we have implemented all of their suggestions. They are also doing what they can on their end. Ultimately, it will be the cooler weather that will naturally cause them to dissipate.

Towel Return

WE are going through an unusually high volume of towels. Please remember to return them to one of the bins located outside the locker rooms or at the club exit door in the lobby. If you will also keep the number of towels you use to 2 or less, we'd appreciate it. California is in a severe drought and we want to do our part to conserve water where we can.