October Newsletter 2021

What's Happening @ WAC?


As we enter the holiday season, I think it is important for all of us to take a moment to be grateful for the simpler things in our lives. Nothing is more important than our health and it is so wonderful to see you taking care of yours. I do not think any of us would give up the health of our loved ones or ourselves for the promise of a delivery of a gift item for the holidays. So, let's all take a deep breath and make a promise to give the gift of love, kindness and support to our family, friends, and community during the coming months and throughout the year. Nothing is more important than that.


Westlake Athletic Club Hours:

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Debbie Hair, our front desk employee and long-time member, has been so generous with her time to set up the Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) bloodmobile in honor of a very special WAC family and employee. Thank you so much, Debbie! We are touched, but not surprised, with the outpouring of support from our incredible members. Below is an update of how you can still help, as well as the original email that went out to our members (for those of you who may have missed it) …Thank you for being such a wonderful community.


Thank you to our amazing WAC club members. Your commitment to helping the Butler family was so evident in your response to our CHLA Blood Drive.

We filled our available donor spots in record time! Many of you have asked about additional options to donate blood. Here are some options:

  • The Bloodmobile will be able to accommodate some walk-ins on the day of our event. Please come but prepare to be flexible.
  • Westlake High School will be holding a Blood Drive on ....... Contact Debbie at ([email protected]) and she'll provide the donor registration link.
  • We're looking into scheduling a 2nd Blood Drive at WAC in early 2022
  • You can schedule an appointment at CHLA (www.chla.org). Monday-Friday 7AM-3PM and Saturday 6AM-1:30 PM

Again, thank you all for your incredible support!

Original email that was sent out to our members:

A Message to Our Wonderful WAC Community

As many of you know, one of our very special WAC families has been affected by the life-changing diagnosis of leukemia. Rick and Holly Butler have been active members of our community for many years and many of you have taken Holly's amazing Group Ex classes at the club. Their strong, kind, smart, beautiful daughter Georgia, whom you may know from the WAC front desk and tennis camp staff, has been diagnosed with leukemia. Georgia is currently undergoing an aggressive treatment plan at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Her treatment has been delayed and negatively impacted due to a shortage of available blood and platelets. In fact, all the children at CHLA have been impacted by this shortage. Indeed, this is tragic, but there is something we can do to help!

Here's how we can all show our love for the Butler family! WAC Community let's all get out and donate at our Blood Drive for Georgia!

The CHLA Bloodmobile will be at WAC Wednesday, November 10, 2021
10:00AM - 4:00PM

Donation spots are scheduled every 15 minutes Please follow the link and reserve your spot today. Bloodmobile requires a minimum of 45 donors

Click Here to Sign Up

Daisy Castillo is our CHLA Donation Recruiter. She's fantastic and has been so helpful in our mission to help the Butler's and other families at CHLA. All questions are great questions so don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, comments, or concerns about donating. You can contact Debbie Hair at ([email protected]) with any questions and she'll coordinate all correspondence with Daisy and get back to you as soon as possible.

For those of you interested in donating much-needed platelets, an appointment must be scheduled at CHLA. This donation process requires special equipment and a two-hour time slot. Reservations can be made through the CHLA website.

Please be aware that there will be special parking restrictions in our WAC lot to accommodate the CHLA Bloodmobile. We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to mitigate the flow of traffic and parking on the day of our event.




The USTA National Men's 45 Hard Court Championship is coming to WAC from October 25 to October 31. This is an exciting chance to watch some top-level tennis at the club. We also have sponsorship opportunities available (please see details below).

Sponsorships - Be a part of WAC's biggest tournament of the year! The Men's National 45's Hard Court Championship brings in players from all over the nation to compete for the Gold Ball. The tournament attracts large crowds including WAC members and guests, as well as spectators from the surrounding communities. The Westlake Athletic Club is looking for businesses who would like to partner with us to support this great event. There are many ways to showcase businesses, including banners, marketing materials, exhibit space, T-shirt logo placement, pre- and post-match announcements, etc. Please contact Tournament Director Chris Dudeck ([email protected]) to discuss how to be a part of this exciting and popular event.

Dinner and Music – On Wednesday, October 27th we will host a dinner for the players in this tournament. Come join us for dinner and live music from Jeannie Tatum from 5:00pm - 8:30pm. A time for us to welcome fall and mingle with some of the players from the tournament. We are finalizing the menu and you can reserve a spot via your member portal or the Westlake Athletic Club mobile app beginning Wednesday, October 20.

Match Viewing
– Come to WAC to view the matches. We will charge Happy Hour prices for beer and wine during these times. The schedule for the matches follows:

Tuesday, Oct. 26: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday, Oct. 27: 11:00amto 8:00pm (Dinner and Music from 5:00pm to 8:30pm)
Thursday, Oct. 28: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Friday, Oct. 29: 11:00am to 8:00pm
Saturday, Oct. 30: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday, October 31: 9:00am to 4:00pm




As usual, our pickleball team already has something brewing for October and November. Sign up through your membership portal or the WAC mobile app …

Bewitchin' in the Kitchen – Will be held on October 30th. There are two open play sessions. Session 1 will be from 4:00pm to 5:30pm and Session 2 will be from 5:30pm to 7:00p

Pickleball Turkey Scramble – Will be held on Saturday, November 27. It will be a mixed doubles, round robin format with 8-minute games. Advanced players will play from 8:00am to 10:00a. Intermediate is scheduled from 10:00am to 12:00pm. A total of 16 players in each division. The top scoring teams will play conventional Pickleball games to 11 points. Door prizes and free laughs will be awarded.

Pickleball League Standings:


Advanced Beginner League

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3



Karen & the Black Swans






K Lee & the Miracles






D Zee & the Heartbreakers






Wade and the Wild Ones






The Double Oh 7s












Advanced League






The Honey Badgers






Dial "M' for Murderer Crew






Sweetman's Stingrays






Bearer's Barracudas






Broncos & Boncettes






Group Ex


I am so excited to announce several new Group Exercise classes and introduce you to our three newest fitness instructors/personal trainer. It has been a long process to find the right persons to fill these positions, but I know that Michelle, Andrea and Tae will be wonderful additions to our Group Ex offerings and fit well with our WAC team and members. Be sure to introduce yourselves when you take their classes or if you see them around the club. Welcome to the WAC community Michelle, Andrea and Tae!

Based on your feedback from the Group Ex survey, we have heard you and are now offering a wider range of Group Ex classes. We have added the following classes; Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mobility Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Static Stretching and Breathing Yoga, Mat Pilates, Power Hour Boot Camp, Rip Training, and several more coming in Nov/Dec. You can see these updated classes in your member portal or WAC mobile app.


Andrea (pronounced An-DRAY-ah) Flores-Torphy - Mat Pilates and Yoga Instructor
Mat Pilates on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00p-7:00p

Mat Pilates is a total body condition method that begins with strengthening the core and then moving throughout the entire body. Bringing strength and stability to the body with specific exercises, more mobility can be achieved so that the muscles can become long and supple to help with avoiding and recovering from injuries. Classes can be done with various props to add variations or just simply using the body's own resistance for balance. --

Andrea found Pilates 20 years ago when a debilitating illness left her barely able to walk after over 17 years of being a fit and accomplished dancer. She was able to strengthen and create balance in her body that made her stronger than ever before. From her rehab with Pilates, she became certified and continued as a dancer and fitness instructor with emphasis on rehabilitation to help others achieve the same results.

Classically trained, Andrea is one of the most sought out instructors by Physical Therapists and studios in the Pilates field for being able to read the body in front of her and having the knowledge to be versatile and dynamic, so the client continues to evolve. After completing her 500 RYT she has created classes that combine both Yoga and Pilates for her students that love both methodologies and strengthen their practice. When you take her classes, you will feel connected, strong, and challenged. Most important of all you will have fun!


Tae (pronounced "TAY") Bond – Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Sound Bath and Breathing instructor.

Tae is available for Personal Training, as well as the following classes:
Power Hour Bootcamp on Wednesdays at 6:00am
Stretching & Breathing Class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30p to 1:30p
Sound Bath on Saturday, November 13 at 5:00pm ($25 Fee)

Tae's passion for helping others heal started at an early age. Seeing family members dealing with health issues, she knew there was a better way to live. Through nutrition, fitness, and spirituality, she took her health and wellness in her own hands. She started her fitness journey in 2002 competing in figure shows and winning 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in NPC fitness shows.

As a former professional fitness competitor, she understands what is required to help you take your physical and emotional self to the next level. With over 13 years of teaching yoga and over a decade as a personal trainer, she empowers others to expand their own consciousness to live a connected and balanced life.
She is a mother of two amazing sons, ages 13 and 15. From an early age, she taught them and their fellow classmates both yoga and mindfulness in an after-school enrichment program where they learned how to become self-aware which helped them to focus and self-regulate and so much more. Gifts they will take with them on their life's journey and pass down to their own children for generations to come.


Michelle Bechard - Yoga Instructor
Hatha Yoga on Tuesdays from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Michelle has her advanced yoga certification through YogaWorks, with a consistent practice of over 10 years, she has received so much personal enrichment from yoga and feels privileged to share that, she has been enjoying teaching for a couple of years.

Michelle is also an Executive Leadership Coach with certification through The Hudson Institute and partners with leaders, developing their awareness, expanding perspectives and having candid conversations facilitating meaningful changes.

Prior to that, for over 17 years Michelle served as the CFO of a Global successful Home Décor Manufacturing Company that she co-founded, she helped lead the company to grow to more than 25 million in sales. She got to travel around the world and be part of creating 1,000's of beautifully fragranced products, enhancing people's lives. Some of her customers included Pottery Barn, William Sonoma and HomeGoods.

Michelle grew up in beautiful South Africa and is also a proud mother of two grown sons both currently working at her former company. She is an adventurer and appreciator of life and can often be found hiking and playing tennis.


Starting on October 26, we will be offering TRX RIP TRAINING, a new Group Ex Training class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

Peter Loncto, our TRX Certified Persona lTrainer invites you to join in learning the benefits of this unique method of functional training.

RIP TRAINING mimics the asymmetrical loading we encounter every day in sports and life. Whether you're carrying groceries, picking up a child, throwing a ball, playing tennis or pickleball, or even performing movements you might mistakenly regard as symmetrical such as swimming, running, and biking, your body is always controlling externally-induced rotation or producing rotation.

RIP TRAINING provides a simple, effective method to integrate rotational movements into training, and is scalable to all levels of fitness. RIP TRAINING workouts can be customized for any client's fitness goal including: increased speed, strength, power, balance, agility, stability, mobility, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and metabolism. It's truly an All Core, All The Time way to train.

Class size is limited to 10. Sign up online and reserve your spot. Train like you live. See you on the Green.




All of the gym equipment in the indoor gym has been repaired and we have scheduled service on the Matrix ellipticals in the outdoor gym. If you see any equipment that needs attention, contact the front desk or me as soon as possible, so we can repair/replace it in a timely manner. Parts for many of the machines are backordered so the sooner I am aware of a broken piece of equipment, the sooner we can have them repaired.

We are planning to re-turf the area where our temporary gym was located to make it a bit larger and will be using the area for more fitness activity/equipment.

Masks continue to be required in the indoor gym with or without your vaccination, so please respect this. If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask while working out, you can use the outdoor gyms where masks are not required.



The purpose of the outdoor showers was for our swimmers to be able to do a quick wash and rinse after your swim. California continues to be under severe drought conditions, so please be mindful and take no longer than 5 minutes for your rinse. Having said this, it is important to always do a quick rinse prior to entering the pool.

We have tentatively scheduled the jacuzzi to be re-plastered the first week of December. I will give more updates as we get closer to this date.


Around the Club


One of our longtime members, Dick Randell, recently celebrated his 95th birthday. Dick continues to play tennis several times a week and has a wonderful optimistic personality. He is a true inspiration to me. In the past, I have asked him and another member in her 90's who swam and played tennis weekly , what their secret to aging well is, and both suggested "keep moving and stay positive". Such simple, but powerful words to live by.

Warmest regards,
Ann Reeder
General Manager
Westlake Athletic Club