May Newsletter 2017

imgDear Members,
With the National 45+ Tournament just around the corner, we are pushing to have the new tennis viewing area and ten courts completed before the tournament starts on May 29th. We currently have six courts resurfaced and will resume work on the remainder of the courts on May 15th. Once the tournament starts, we will break from construction and resume work on June 6th.

We are excited to be hosting the USTA National Men’s 45’s again this year, and are looking for volunteers to host the courtesy desk, monitor the courts, and provide flowers and snacks for the tournament desk. Please sign up at the front desk if you are interested in helping out. We are also looking for local companies interested in sponsoring the event. In return we will market your business to our members and the local community. This tournament is an event that both our members and the local community look forward to each year, and we hope you will consider supporting it. If you are interested in becoming involved in or have a business and want to sponsor this exciting event, please e-mail me at [email protected].

With the days getting longer and the temperature heating up, the pool has begun to get busy. We would like to remind our swimmers of the proper etiquette for the pool. When all of the lanes are occupied, members must share their lane with other members. It is best to choose the lane where the swimmer is swimming at the same pace that you will be swimming at. If there are lanes open when you are ready to start we ask you to take one of the remaining open lanes. If you are relaxing in the Jacuzzi before your swim, you cannot hold a lane by placing your equipment at the end of a lane. Lanes are considered available as long as there is no one swimming in the lane. Families with children are welcome to use the pool but are required to stay in one lane unless family swim time is scheduled.

Participation is our master’s swim workouts have been increasing and the pool has become busy when these workouts are offered. While the masters coaches make accommodations for other members to use lanes, it is becoming more and more likely that will have to share your lane while the masters workout are being conducted. If you would prefer to swim alone in your lane, we would suggest you swim at times other than when these workouts are offered. Our current schedule for the master’s workouts is: Tuesday and Thursday: 5:30-6:30 am and 6-7 pm, Monday and Wednesday: 12-1 pm, and Saturday: 7:15-8:30 am.

We would like to remind everyone that we are beginning Water Fitness classes in June. Water is the perfect medium for a total body workout, and its natural buoyancy protects against injuries while providing resistance for muscle toning and cardiovascular endurance. Participants utilize props such as underwater dumbbells and barbells, which provide additional resistance, during these classes. Members do not need to know how to swim to participate in the classes. Sample classes will be held over Memorial Day weekend at the following time: Saturday (27th) at 11:00am, Monday (29th) at 10:30am, and Tuesday (30th) at 4:00pm. We will have signup sheets at the front desk shortly. We recommend you sign up early as space will be limited, and you won’t want to miss this exciting new group exercise class.

We again thank you for your patience while we make improvements to the club, and are confident you will be thrilled with our new outdoor areas once they are complete, enjoying them this summer and beyond!

Have a Healthy Day,
John Sutcliffe
General Manager


Nutrition Tip:

Creamy Mango Avocado Smoothie
By Anna Griffin


As we feel the first early of days of summer, thoughts turn to long hot days, a lighter diet, refreshing beverages, and the ultimate scare . . . Swimsuit season! Smoothies can provide a large part of our necessary daily, dietary intake of vitamins and minerals, and can be a great meal replacement for our busy lives, or when heat has us less than hungry, but we still have muscles to fuel. Starting our day with a nutrient-rich, delicious smoothie, loaded with goodies such as potassium, can get us through a great workout and into our days, feeling full of vim and vigor!


Mango is a great starting point for any smoothie recipe as it has many recognized health benefits. Research has shown antioxidant compounds in mango fruit have been found to protect against colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers. These compounds include quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat, as well as abundant enzymes. It also aids in lowering cholesterol with its high levels of fiber, pectin and vitamin C, and one cup of sliced mangoes supplies 25 percent of the needed daily value of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight and prevents night blindness and dry eyes. Other benefits include clearing clogged pores to avoid pimples; maintaining optimum body alkaline levels; improving digestion; boosting the immune system; fighting heat stroke, and promoting a healthy sex life.


The other key ingredient, avocado, is another of natures’ little miracle workers. This fruit is prized for its high nutrient value and is added to all sorts of dishes due to its good flavor and rich texture. Containing more potassium than bananas, this nutrient helps maintain electrical gradients in the body’s cells and serves various important functions. Several studies show that having a high potassium intake is linked to reduced blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. Potassium is a mineral that helps your body function effectively. An electrolyte, your body needs it to build proteins, break down and use carbohydrates, build muscle, maintain normal body growth, control the electrical activity of the heart, and control the acid-base balance.

Avocados are a high fat food, but good fats: Loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, majority of fat found in this fruit is oleic acid, which has been linked to reduced inflammation and been shown to have beneficial effects on genes linked to cancer. Also rich in fiber, indigestible plant matter that can contribute to weight loss, reduce blood sugar spikes and is strongly linked to a lower risk of many diseases is another plus for the versatile little avocado.


(Makes two large smoothies)

1 cup frozen mango
1/2 pitted avocado
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
1 cup almond or coconut milk
1-2 TB honey or Agave

Note: If you do not have frozen fruit to use for the smoothies, fresh fruit will work just fine. If using fresh fruit, make sure to add a handful of ice to the other ingredients before blending. The frozen fruit just adds that cold element to make an ice cold drink. 

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Pop all of the ingredients into a blender, and blend until you reach a smooth consistency. Sit back, relax and enjoy, knowing you are giving your body the healthy ingredients it needs to fuel you through your day. As always, opt for organic produce where possible, to avoid unnecessary and harmful toxins. Enjoy!

Member of the Month: S. K. Leong

Skating To Good Health!
By Anna Griffin

When Trainer, Peter Loncto, first shared with John Sutcliffe and myself, the news that long-time member, S.K. Leong, had won the Bronze Free Dance with his partner at the 2016 Adult Figure Skating Competition in Vancouver, we knew we had to highlight this dynamic man. When first reaching out, I had no idea of his athletic accomplishments, but he is an inspiration, from his fitness routine at WAC, to being an accomplished sailor, skater, and Tai Chi practitioner. Here in his own words he tells us about it.

I joined Westlake Swim and Tennis Club in 1983/84 as advised by my doctor, to start swimming as therapy for my asthma. Since swimming six days a week and 1000 yds each time, over the years I have logged a total of about 4500 miles at the pool. That’s like swimming to New York and half way back to Westlake! I like swimming first thing in the morning before starting the day. I have had chronic back pain due to collapsed lower back discs. To compensate, I follow up my swim with about 30 minutes of gym and stretch workouts, and twice a week do yoga.
Starting daily 1000 yds swim at 5:30am

I strongly believe the yoga and gym are very beneficial in keeping the lower back pain to a low level. On Sundays, the day I am not at the club, I spend two hours in the morning practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong with friends at the park in Oak Park.

My other hobby that I have been keen at for the last 35 years is sailboat racing. My favorite position is being the bowman, taking care of sail changes and setting the spinnaker. Eight years ago I bought my own boat, 36 ft. Hunter, and am now mostly the helmsman. I have taken my boat racing from Newport Beach to Ensenada a few times, winning in our Hunter class. I enjoy my Wet Wednesday races in Oxnard and Ventura.

12 years ago, at the age of 60 I took up figure skating, hoping that would increase blood flow to my feet to overcome cold feet, which it did not. I got seriously hooked into this sport, starting with freestyle skating and seven years ago migrating to ice dancing with a partner. I skate four to six days a week for about one to two hours each time. Adults skate too and there are many competitions for adults around the country and around the world. I have competed domestically in competitions organized by US Figure Skating association and internationally in competitions organized by the International Skating Union. There are as many as 400-600 adult skaters competing in the annual events. Last year in Vancouver, my dance partner, Alicja Gala, and I won the Bronze Free Dance at the 2016 Adult Figure Skating Competition, which was an exciting moment! You can see us here:

We will be competing in the ‘Free Dance’ category this year, in late May, in the ISU adult completion in Oberstorf, Germany. We have competitors from seven European countries in our Bronze Free Dance event.
Dancing the Foxtrot.

I feel very fortunate to be living so close to Westlake Athlete Club that I can join in with so many activities very beneficial to my health. Club members and staff are all very friendly and I get to practice my Spanish daily with the maintenance crew. Here, I have met and made and now cherish many lifelong friends. John has done a marvelous job in the past two years. The club facilities are improved; he has added yoga and exercise classes and continues to upgrade and expand the club.
Ice dancing with Sheila Cluff, Owner/Founder of Oaks at Ojai Spa.

Skating with Barbara Still of Boston. She's 90 and Still ice dancing!

S.K., best of luck in Germany later this month! We will all be rooting for you here at WAC, and look forward to hearing of your success!


Tennis Stuff

Coming Soon to WAC . . .

Adult Beginner’s Tennis Clinic
By John Sutcliffe
We are excited to announce that we have added a new adult beginner clinic to our schedule. Tennis Co-Director, Calle Hansen, is coaching this exciting new clinic, and will gear it for beginners of all levels that want to learn the game. The emphasis of the clinics will be on technique to help the players build a solid stroke foundation. Calle will also focus on court positioning and correct footwork needed to be able to strike the ball successfully. Game time strategies for match play will also be reviewed.

The goal will be to get the players comfortable and consistent enough to move up to our higher-level clinics and leagues. If you have family members or friends looking to get involved in the game of tennis, please refer them to this clinic. Clinics have already begun and are being held on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 10:30 am.
See you on the courts!

Video clip from Chris Dudeck, Co-Director at WAC

Video clip from Calle Hansen, Co-Director at WAC


Tennis News . . .

By Christa Nonnemaker

Adult Tennis Camp

Lots of action, instruction and fun was had at the Adult Tennis Camp on April 1 and 2. Calle Hansen, Chris Dudeck and Lorene Whitehouse were the coaching staff members for the weekend. Along with all the on-court instruction and drills, they had some mini-matches as well as great food.



World Team Tennis Recap
We picked one of our hottest days of the year to host our 5th annual World Team Tennis, which took place on Saturday, April 22.  We had 4 teams with 36 players in our 4.0 division with a round robin format competing from morning to late afternoon. The majority of the players were WAC members. The day featured high-level tennis, tough competition, lots of team effort and a wonderful lunch arranged by Kelly Vandergeest and catered by Bottega Italian Deli.

One of the highlights of hosting an event like this is to bring members together who normally don't play against one another and hopefully bring new games to their regular tennis schedules. 
After a tough round robin, the Westlake Hops clinched the win with a 36-21 win in their last match. The team members in the winning team (photo below) were:
Jen and Bill Sutman
Jen and Keith Burger
Pat and Mark Rosenthal
Ramona and John Halloran
Diane and Bryon Merade
Thank you all that participated in our World Team Tennis and we hope to grow it each year with more divisions and teams.

Here are the final results:
1. Westlake Hops (C-Jen Sutman) vs Wac-a-licious ( C- Dev Holmes) 31-20
1. Wac-N-Rollers (C- M. Sherline) vs The Hot Shots ( C- Alex Campbell) 31-24
2. Westlake Hops vs Wac-N-Rollers 35-29
2. The Hot Shots vs Wac-a-licious 31-27
3. Westlake Hops vs The Hot Shots 36-21
3. Wac-N-Rollers vs Wac-a-licious  36-12

1. Westlake Hops 3 wins and 102 games won
2. Wac-N-Rollers 2 wins and 96 games won
3. The Hot Shots 1 win and 76 games won
4. Wac-alicuos with 59 games won.

Junior Tennis
For junior players, there continue to be a range of playing opportunities for the beginner through advanced and ranked levels. On May 13 and 14, WAC is hosting an L5 (Level 5) USTA Tournament. Junior USTA Tournaments start with L7 as the lowest level and go to L1 for the highest levels for nationally ranked players. L5 is a good mid-range tournament for juniors who have already been playing USTA tournaments.
In the summer, WAC will offer Summer Camp with some slight revisions as compared to prior years. The tennis sessions have been extended to 2.5 hours and the pool session is shortened. To register, visit the WAC website or ask for the form at the Front Desk.
In addition, on Saturdays, Junior League and Junior Development League will start in mid-June. A new opportunity for competitive juniors is the Summer Challenge Series on Sunday afternoons from 1-4 PM for 11u and 15u divisions which will allow for singles and doubles play. For juniors who already play Junior Team Tennis (JTT), VCJTA or USTA Tournaments, they are eligible to participate in the Summer Challenge Series. For all others, please ask a WAC tennis pro for an assessment. Contact Christa Nonnemaker at [email protected] if you have other questions.


Tennis Tip

This side of 50 on the Tennis Court – PickleBall Comes to WAC
By Karl Akkerman

imgPickleBall has arrived at Westlake Athletic Club! On April 23rd at 9am at Karl’s and Tim’s regular Sunday clinic, WAC brought in two USA PickleBall Association (USAPBA) Ambassadors to do a demonstration to about 24 members of our club. Ambassadors, Arie Solomon of Thousand Oaks and Cathy Kaufman of Simi Valley, along with a nationally ranked and local tennis friend, Ryan Kaltman of Westlake, helped run a demonstration of one of the fastest growing sports in America.

Arie gave a quick review of the court, rules, and scoring of the smaller tennis court sport. The Ambassadors both brought nets, paddles and great enthusiasm, to introduce us to this new sport. WAC provided 2 new PickleBall nets, and I had a PickleBall net and over 12 paddles as well. Some of our members also donated their PickleBall paddles to fill in the 24 spots to help make the event a success. Then the Ambassadors and I (having personally only played it twice) played out a half dozen points to show what the rallies and commons strategies are, as well as what court positions look like. They are different from tennis, but the same tracking and hand eye coordination skills are very similar to tennis and table tennis. They use a slower and very hard whiffle ball and wooden paddles to slow the game down.

After our demonstration, we all broke out onto five PickleBall courts that had been set up by myself, Nancy, Tim Roche, Bill from Simi Valley, and Arie earlier that morning. Five courts then played out points and figured out the scoring and strategies under the watchful eye of the Ambassadors and our WAC representatives. We are able to put four PickleBall courts on one tennis court, so that gives you the perspective of the size of a court - that you don’t have to run nearly as much or get up to a fast speed. This saves on knee and back injuries. In fact, much or the match is more of a “Cat and Mouse” rally than hitting a hard or fast ball. In their first hour, the members went from total whiffing of the ball in their first ten minutes, to fifty minutes later having excellent, fun, exciting, quick net exchange rallies.

Everyone had lots of fun and laughs as we all started to figure it out. It went all too quickly and everyone wanted to play more, so based on this first introduction, we will have another demo day for new folks, and some level-play hitting for the rest.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next demo/play day. There seems to be enough interest to have a Tuesday or Friday night drop-in to play, and maybe a WAC league lies in the future?
We we will see how many of you want to continue this journey with us, but if our first clinic was anything to go by, you might be seeing a lot more PickleBall on our courts soon. Check out the pictures by David Hoffman and Karl Akkerman. The attached link is to a drop box thanks to David Hoffman’s skills.

Sixteen of our members on one court and having way too much fun.

Ambassadors Cathy Kaufman, Arie Solomon, and Gold Ball National Champ, Ryan Kaltman (local resident and previous tennis player)

Check out these links for more pictures. with Special thanks to Dave Hoffman and Eran Navik for the pictures and Drop Box.

View album

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See you on the courts with a paddle or a racket soon. There will be paddles to borrow if you don’t own one, so come out and join us for some PickleBall fun!

Karl Akkerman
USPTA Elite Professional

Fitness Stuff

Video Fitness Tip from Holly Butler
The Importance of Good Posture


Training Tip:

Leg Squats Using the Stability Ball
By Patti Markowitz

1. Starting position; place stability ball against the wall and gently lean against it, positioning the top of the ball into the small of your back. Your feet should be out in front of your body, feet hip-width apart and toes turned out slightly.

2. Gently lean into the ball, and as you shift your weight into your heels, place your hands on the front of your thighs.

3. Downward phase: Inhale and keep your low and mid back against the ball as you bend your knees and begin to lower the body. The ball will glide down the wall with you as you lower your body toward the floor. Do not move your feet. Continue to lower yourself until challenged, then hold this position briefly.

4. Upward phase: Exhale and slowly push your body up and away from the floor. Continue pushing upward, returning to the starting position.

Challenging Variations

To make the wall squats more difficult, try alternating heel lifts as you hold the squat. To add resistance, hold a hand weight in each hand. Throw in some biceps curls to work the arms as you squat. For advance users, hold one leg straight out and perform the squat on one leg. Do ten reps on the right leg and then switch to the left for ten. Take a few seconds and repeat!

[email protected]


Video Fitness Tip from Peter Loncto

Coming Soon . . . WAC’s New Outdoor Fitness Center


Tri Corner

Challenge Roth!
By John Sutcliffe

On July 9th, 18 Westlake Athletic Club members will descend on Roth, Germany to compete in Challenge Roth, the world’s biggest long-distance triathlon. Over 3,400 individual participants and 650 relay teams from more than 70 nations will be competing in the race. As many as 260,000 spectators will line the race course to cheer on their family and friends. The small village of Roth has hosted this event for three decades, and the towns’ incredible support of the event is a primary reason it has become a legend in the triathlon community.

Racers will be inspired by the herzlich willommen (heartfelt welcome) of the spectators throughout the course. Starting with the swim in the Main Donau Kanal (an international shipping canal closed to maritime traffic for the race), spectators pack the banks and loudly broadcast their support of the athletes in the water. On the bike racers will climb Solarer Berg Hill where fans line up ten to twelve deep, creating a human tunnel, and cheer cyclists up the climb. To end their test of endurance, when fatigue is setting in, athletes begin their 26.2 mile marathon loop through Roth’s town center (packed with fans and beer inspired pandemonium). For a final boost, athletes head into Roth’s Triathlon Park for their finishers/ lap around the stadium.

The 140.6 mile (although it will be measured in kilometers in the E.U.) will attract a field of participants that includes many of the top triathletes in the world. Relatively flat and fast the course produces many world records, (the current world record of 7:35:39 was set there by Jan Frodeno just last year) and with an incredibly strong field again this year it is likely to be broken again. The majority of the amateurs, including our members, will likely finish between 11 and 15 hours. Our “tribe” of P5 racers will be proudly sporting the red, white and blue uniforms and hope to post results that prove we are worthy of representing ourselves, WAC/P5 and the U.S.A.
Training day with two mile swim at the OC Swim Series in Mission Viejo.

Swim followed by 25+ mile ride in OC.


Video Water Fitness Tip from Tamara Goulden

Coming Soon . . . Water Fitness at WAC


Member of the Month: Ivy Halford

Fitness, Face & Fido!
By Anna Griffin
Ivy Halford recently joined Westlake Athletic Club as a new member. A skincare guru, she has been trailblazing since 1977 in the Health, Wellness and Beauty Industries, bringing her outstanding experience in clinical skincare for all people, all ages, all skin types.

Considered one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets (service provider for the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants (ACPA) for true body transformational treatments including skin and body care, along with makeup consultations and applications, Ivy spent ten years at Dermatology Associates in Beverly Hills, California as one of the most sought-after paramedical estheticians. She combines that knowledge with her numerous credits as a Hollywood Union make-up artist to bring natural beauty, health and wellness to her trusting and discerning clients, and their pets! Wanting to know more about her innovative leadership in the skincare and beauty industry, we sat down for a little chat . . .

When and why did you join WAC?

I just joined this past April 15th, because I was walking by the gym every day on foot around the lake, and saw the pool. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and convenient it is to my new home and skincare studio.

What is your favorite athletic pursuit at the club?

Absolutely the swimming and weights, but I am looking forward to taking more classes as I go, especially yoga. I am also a yoga instructor but love taking other instructors classes.

What are some of your fitness goals as a new member?

Physical Therapy for my knee injury, and to get in my best shape and maintain it.

What are you enjoying most about life at WAC?

I like how very nice and friendly the staff and members are. They have made me feel right at home, which I love.

Why did you start the Helford Institute for Advanced Skincare?

I’ve been in Clinical Skincare for almost 40 years now, and have trained and worked with the top Dermatologists in Beverly Hills, Dallas, and Telluride.  I have learned so much about skincare over the years working along side some of the best, and now I’m fortunate to be here with Nurse Donna in Westlake Village. I am absolutely driven to share what I learn and to be the best I can be for my clients, giving the best possible service to them and their loved ones.

I created the Halford Institute for Advanced Skincare as my clients have always told me what ‘I DO’ is SO much more than a facial. I wanted to start working towards getting the best there is out there to offer others, with not only the best equipment to achieve our skin goals, but to also create natural and organic products that work well with Clinical skincare and beyond when my clients are home. 

What makes HIASC products different from others?

I created them to soothe the skin after doctor grade treatments, and to help with keeping our skin as youthful as possible as we can.

You also cater to pets. What was your inspiration to develop a line for them?

I have a deep respect and love for animals, and wanted to have a product line that I felt safe putting on them, just as are products safely made for my clients.  Ivy’s Skin Luv products are for pets and their people, as I know I would feel safe using the same ones created for people, on my pets. I have been in Whole Foods Markets in Texas and we are considered the premium grade of products made.

What are your overall goals for HIASC, and what drives you to achieve them?

My desire is to keep growing the company to satisfy the needs and desires of my discerning clients, and reach out on a global arena, spreading the Skin Luv Products throughout doctors’ offices and Amazon.

What makes you happiest in life?

I absolutely love helping women and men look and feel their very best though skincare and being in the Hollywood Make-up Union.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be featured in the WAC newsletter that I would love to offer first timers in for skincare, 20% off their first visit. They can check out my website for referrals from doctors with whom I’ve worked with over the years, and from my really cool, fabulous and fun clients! My Press page and services menu to have the information to learn more, and I’m looking forward to meeting members and having some new skin to work on.

When I am not in the studio or at WAC, I love hiking. It is my absolute favorite sport to do not only as I can do it anywhere in the world, but also because I can be with my sweet pup and be in the great outdoors!  Now I am finding new trails in and around Westlake Village, and it is SO exciting!

Ivy, we warmly welcome you to Westlake Athletic Club, and look forward to fabulous skin to match our fierce fitness goals!

Member Getaway:

Carillon Miami Beach: The Ultimate Wellness Destination
By Anna Griffin

Named as the eighth best resort in Florida by Travel & Leisure’s 2016 World’s Best Awards, the iconic Carillon Miami Beach sits on a coveted 750-foot stretch of private beach in North Miami – an exclusive haven for those who want a sense of relaxation, minus the frenzy of the South Beach strip.


What sets this property apart from the other luxury options in the city is not just location; it’s their commitment to creating a healing wellness destination that proves life changing for thousands of guests every year.


Offering spacious and luxurious one and two bedroom suites, guests can choose a stunning Atlantic Ocean view or contemporary Miami skyline through floor to ceiling windows. Every suite also includes a separate living room, fully equipped kitchen, and luxurious bathroom, for the ultimate home-away-from-home experience.

Integrating spa, fitness, health, and beauty, the world-class spa and fitness facility is a 70,000 square foot playground surrounded by stunning floor-to-ceiling ocean views, offering top-of-the-line machines, including more high-tech Technogym ARTIS cardiovascular equipment than any other destination in Miami Beach. With a group fitness program consisting of over 200 group classes per week, their extensive schedule includes cycling, Zumba, Pilates, boxing, circuit training, multiple yoga practices, ballet, beach boot camp and water fitness. There is literally something for everyone, and all ages and levels are accommodated. You can also book private sessions with their world-class trainers, or scale their two-story indoor rock wall for a fun cardio and strength-training challenge. If looking to reconnect with your inner Zen, Carillo offers Shaman Journeys, Sound and Color Acupuncture sessions, a soothing session in Miami’s only therapeutic igloo, or one-on-one time with the onsite functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Karen Koffler.
The Spa offers a sublimely relaxing moment with their Thermal Experience; private men’s and women’s hot and cold areas featuring a crystal steam room, a Finnish sauna, and experiential rains. With signature spa therapies such as massage that harness the power of aromatherapy and facials designed to rejuvenate the skin, a sense of elevation is the ultimate result.

When feeling hungry, Executive Chef Fritz Zwahlen’s sustainably and locally sourced culinary creations at restaurant THYME pair perfectly with the restaurant’s prime oceanfront views – a rare find on Miami Beach.


If in the mood for something more casual, the Lounge & Café, offers smoothies, juices and light fare, and has a fun Happy Hour with live music every Friday night. The Cabana (pool bar), and a healthy Juice Bar round out the hotel’s dining experiences, and because the Carillo is an all-suite property, guests can cook their own meals if they prefer. Never pretentious, but always impeccable, the service at this boutique hotel sets the standard for an extraordinary stay, welcoming you to focus on your health, relaxation and personal journey.

The Carillon Miami prides itself on promoting a new model of well-being, focused on analysis, prevention, and self-healing. Their thoughtful approach includes nutritional counseling, acupuncture, healing energy, health counseling, and guidance regarding specific health concerns, helping you discover the path to a longer, fuller, healthier and more peaceful life.

Meet your Trainers

imgLeticia Willingham 
Leticia Willingham is a certified yoga instructor based in Westlake Village, California. She has led her life down a path of healthy eating and working out for more than twenty years, discovering yoga while trying to help deal with severe anxiety. The results of practicing yoga were dramatic . . . providing the ability to calm the mind, find inner peace, and strengthen the body. Leticia’s 500 hour teaching certification is through YogaWorks in Westlake Village, California; mentored by Lainie Devina.

Leticia believes that everyone can benefit by practicing yoga. She focuses on providing each student, whether they have just been introduced to yoga or have been practicing for years, with insight, encouragement and the opportunity to help guide them on a positive journey and achieve their own personal goals. “I know how amazing the benefits of yoga can be because I have experienced them first hand. Yoga truly changed my life, and I want to provide the opportunity for others to affect positive change in their lives as well.”

imgPatti Markowitz
Patti Markowitz has been helping people stay healthy & fit for over 25 years as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. Her tenure at the Westlake Athletic Club (WAC) began back in 1993 where she has trained hundreds of members who continue to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle augmented by hours spent building strong bone, muscle, and piece of mind through exercise & resistance-training. Patti believes that when you change bodies you change lives, and that being a Personal Trainer is about much more that just knowing the exercise or routine, it’s about living the lifestyle, and being able to motivate and inspire others to move toward healthier and happier lives.

As one of WAC’s leading Certified Personal Trainers, Patti specializes in designing customized programs in training for strength, weight loss, and functional fitness. Her attitude and presentation makes workouts fun and motivating; never routine, dull or boring. As your trainer, she will take your health & wellness personally, working alongside you to help achieve ALL of your fitness goals.

An accomplished marathon runner, avid swimmer, and someone you will most likely bump into in a Yoga class at the Club, Patti’s attention to her own fitness reflects her commitment to well-being. With your determination and her dedication you can make anything happen.

For an opportunity to train with Patti, you can call her directly at (805) 208-9578, or inquire at the front desk at WAC.
[email protected]

imgKatie Whittaker
Katie specializes in aquatic exercise, yoga, and meditation, as well as in strength, toning and cardiovascular training. She also offers nutrition counseling and weight management. Creator of "Aqua Yoga," she uses water and land exercise to compassionately assist clients both pre and post surgery. Katie is certified in fitness instruction by the National Arthritis Association, the Yoga Alliance, the Aquatic Exercise Association, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Association of Sports Medicine. Katie has guided hundreds of clients to better health for more than 10 years.

[email protected]

imgPeter Loncto
Peter Loncto is a longtime resident of Westlake Village and the newest member of our training staff. As a National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Suspension Training instructor, he blends his passion and enthusiasm for fitness with his knowledge and experience to motivate and challenge his clients to feel their best.

"When I first met with John Sutcliffe a year ago and he shared his vision of a first rate fitness center, I was excited to have an opportunity to work with my neighbors in our fantastic community. After learning of his commitment to Technogym, I was all in! The Technogym philosophy of Wellness, their unique, elegant Kinesis One stations with an emphasis on adaptive, functional movement, and their unequaled interactive capability place them far out in front of any other traditional gym equipment. Some of you may have seen me in the Fitness Center over the last month, working out and becoming familiar with the literally thousands of movements possible with the Technogym system. Every day I am more impressed with Technogym's versatility and applicability to all levels of fitness. Whether your goal is a better backstroke, more tee-to-green distance, weight loss and toning, or just feeling your best, Technogym offers dozens of programs and the ability to customize a wellness program just for you.

I look forward to meeting all of you in the coming months and welcome the chance to assist you in identifying your Wellness goals, and working with you to achieve them. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. It would be an honor to be part of your Wellness journey.

Holly Butler
Influenced by growing up in Boulder, CO (aka the fittest city in America), Holly Butler has always lead an active lifestyle. As an adult, she was drawn to non-impact fitness, starting with the athleticism of Vinyasa yoga. While practicing yoga she discovered and fell in love with Barre classes and Body Sculpting classes using resistance training. Her 3 daughters were all in school and Holly thought it was the right time to get her certification and go back to work, doing something she loved. Holly spends her “off” time coordinating many school drop-offs, pick-ups and dance carpools for her daughters, being involved in charity work for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, volunteering school, and playing tennis at WAC with her husband. We are pleased that Holly will be teaching the Body Sculpting class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30pm.


Group Exercise Schedule






Skills, Thrills & Drills

9.00-10.30 am


Mon & Wed

TRX Training

9.00-10.00 am


Mon & Wed

Master Swim

12.00 pm-1.00 pm


Mon & Wed

Body Sculpting

11.00-12.00 pm



Adult Beginner Tennis

10.00-11.30 am



Yoga (Beg/Int)




Live Ball (3.0+)

6:30-8:00 pm


Tue & Thurs

Master Swim

5.30-6.30 am


Tue & Thurs

Yoga (Beg/Int)

9:00-10.00 am


Tue & Thurs
TRX Training

6:30-7:30 pm



Body Sculpting

5.30-6.30 pm



Serious Tennis

6.00-7.30 pm



Cardio Tennis

9.00-10.30 am



Yoga (Beg/Int)

5:30-6:30 pm



Small GroupTraining

6.00-7.00 pm



Men’s Live Ball (4.0+)

6.00-7.30 pm



Adult Tennis Drills

6:30-8:00 pm



Adult Tennis Drills

6.30-8:00 pm



Master Swim

7.15-8.30 am







Live Ball (3.0+)

10.30 am-12.00 pm



Masters Swim

Kari Davis
WAC is pleased to have Kari Davis as our Head Masters Swim Coach. Kari was  a Collegiate All-American swimmer and has over 30 years coaching experience. Kari began teaching swimming in San Diego in 1990. In 1991 and 1992 she was San Diego’s Age-Group Coach of the Year. 

In 2005 Kari moved to Park City where she started a Masters Swim Team and began coaching triathletes. Kari loves coaching and enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities. Kari lives with her husband in Westlake Village and has 2 grown children.

Kim Leigh
We are pleased to have Kim Leigh as our newest Master’s Swim Coach. Kim has been coaching Master’s Swim for 5 years including open water swimming for triathletes and she actively participates in Master’s programs as well. She is a graduate of CSU Northridge with a BA and MS in Microbiology and has been a part of Amgen since 2003.

Logan Franks
WAC is pleased to have Logan Franks coach our Masters swim program.

imgLogan Franks served seven years in the Marine Corps infantry. During his enlistment, he raced on the Marine Corps Triathlon team. He was 1 of 6 Marines selected to represent the All Marine Triathlon Team at Armed Forces Triathlon Championships in 2011. Logan also competed as a professional triathlete with a primary focus on long course triathlon. In 2010 he was ranked 52nd in the world for Ironman and he posted the fasted American run split of the day at Ironman world championships, crossing the finish line in 9:02.

Logan was also collegiate runner for the University of Delhi, located in NY. Though he was a fast runner, his success in triathlon was being hindered by his lack of swim knowledge and experience. Knowing this, Logan went to a number of swim clinics and trained under the guidance of some of the best triathlon and swim coaches in the United States. Logan soon became a front pack swimmer, often coming out of the water in the top six of the pro division for Ironman and 70.3 races.

2013, Logan shifted his focus to coaching and put his athletic career on hold. Logan currently owns a military focused triathlon team. He coaches prior service members and active duty military. He also coaches paratriathletes and other wounded vets hoping to compete in the Paralympics. Logan is a Level 2 Masters Swim Coach, and is very approachable, always willing to help anyone on deck. 

imgKevin Lane, Swim Instructor & Coach

Kevin Lane is the Assistant Swim Coach of California Lutheran University Men's and Women's Swim Team. He is also an adjunct instructor at CLU, teaching swimming, and a Masters Swim Coach at Westlake Athletic Club (Certified USMS Level 2).

In addition to coaching, Kevin teaches swimming to all ages and levels here at the WAC. You may have seen him working with students in the pool.

He teaches private one on one lessons as well as groups of two students. His lessons run from 30 mins to an hour, and are for beginners, intermediate, all the way to the competitive student. Kevin has a reputation as a warm and caring instructor who is very intuitive when comes to each individual's needs. With years of experience, he understands how to get the best out of each student at every lesson.

Kevin started swimming and competing at the age of seven. Growing up in Connecticut, he continued to swim through his teen years on the club level, setting many Connecticut State records. He represented Connecticut Swimming as an all-star team member, and traveled and competed against other all-star teams. Moving on to Southern Connecticut State University, a top ten NCAA Division II School, he competed on the national level and set school records in the in the 200 fly and in relays. In his senior year he was elected captain of his team.

After college, Kevin continued to train, compete and coach, eventually winning the Masters One Mile Open Rough Water National Championship for his age group. For over 20 years Kevin has been teaching swimming, coaching on the college, masters and novice level. He has just completed his fifth year of college coaching at CLU.

Kevin brings to the Westlake Athletic Club an enthusiastic love of swimming, with over 20 years of experience as a swim instructor, swim coach and competitor. Kevin looks forward to helping others advance in the water, as they learn how wonderful and positive the swimming experience is. As spring and summer approaches, Kevin encourages all members and families to get out and start a regular exercise program that includes swimming.

Masters Swim Schedule
Mon & Wed 12 to 1pm
Tues & Thurs 5:30 to 6:30am
Tues & Thurs 6:15-7:30pm
Sat 7 to 8:15am


Match Finder

Steve Hamburger, Lynn Abroms, and Bill Ries are looking for USTA or self rated 3.5 players for doubles and mixed doubles. The group plays two or three times a week, week days 8:30am to 11am. Steve and Bill maintain an e-mail listing and help coordinate the matches. If interested please e-mail Steve at [email protected].