August Newsletter 2019

Dear Members,

We are excited to announce that we have added Pilates to our group exercise schedule on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Pilates is designed as a complete, whole body fitness program that strengthens, stretches and balances the entire body. Much like building a house where the foundation supports the structure, Pilate's exercises strengthen the foundational muscles that support the spine, including the deep abdominals, the pelvis, the diaphragm and the lower back muscles. Collectively referred to as the "core" this area is the powerhouse for the entire body. Pilates is ideal for everyone of all ages and fitness levels. If you are looking to tone, increase endurance or just cross train – Pilates is for you!

The 2019 Tennis Club Championships are off to a great start. The decision to spread the play out over 6 weeks seems to be a hit as we have over 80 members participating in the Championships. That is more players than we have ever had participate in the Championships. Chris will be using the results from the Championships to help him determine the teams for The Conejo Cup in the Fall. Mark off September 15th on your calendars and come on in and cheer for your friends in the FINALS!

We are once again tweaking the Pickleball schedule as we continue to optimize the participation levels. Open Play is now being offered four days per week. Monday night open play will not be coached and will be from 5 to 8pm. Wednesday and Friday will be coached and will also be from 5 to 8pm. Saturday morning open play will also be coached and offered from 8 to 11am. We will not longer offer open play on Sunday afternoons. Non member fees for open play are now $20.

WAC is now an authorized dealer for Pro-Lite Sports and has 4 paddles available for sale at the front desk. To help launch their brand Pro-Lite has commit to 3 Demo Days over the next 3 months. A representative from the company will be here to explain the differences in the paddles and help you determine which is best for you. Every paddle has a different feel so we encourage you to try them all on our demo days. Friends and family are welcome to attend (no charge). Demo days are scheduled on:

• August 16th (5-8pm)
• September 13th (5-8pm)
• October 11th (5-8pm)


Have a Healthy Day,
John Sutcliffe
General Manager


Upcoming Events

• Club Tennis Championships July 22nd-September 15th
• August 16th Pickleball Demo Day with Pro-lite
• September 13th Pickleball Demo Day with Pro-Lite
• October 11th Pickleball Demo Day with Pro-Lite

Healthy Living

What's the best time of day to exercise, morning or evening?


By Marlene Cimons
July 21

Some people are morning exercisers. For them, an early run or swim is as much a part of their wake-up ritual as that first cup of coffee. Others can't abide the idea. They need a nighttime workout to rid themselves of the day's stresses.Does it make a difference? Several recent studies suggest that it does. But it's complicated.
One recent paper indicates that morning exercise may activate certain genes in the muscle cells, boosting their ability to metabolize sugar and fat. While scientists say this finding requires further study, they think it ultimately might help those who are overweight or suffering from Type 2 diabetes.

An evening workout, on the other hand, uses less oxygen, making workouts more efficient and improving athletic performance, potentially a boon for serious competitors.

"Human exercise performance is better in the evening compared to the morning, as [athletes] consume less oxygen, that is, they use less energy, for the same intensity of exercise in the evening versus the morning," said Gad Asher, a researcher in the Weizmann Institute of Science's department of biomolecular sciences, and author of one of the studies.

"It means, for example, if a person needs to go for a run, he will reach exhaustion earlier in the morning compared to the evening," Asher said. "In other words, he will be able to run for a longer duration in the evening compared to the morning under the same running conditions."

So which is the better time to exercise — morning or evening?It depends on your goals.

Elite and otherwise serious athletes — marathon runners, basketball and soccer players seeking a competitive edge, for example — might choose evenings to train or compete. Similarly, those who schedule important sports events might consider holding them at night to ensure optimal performances. (Not to mention that this also would probably be more compatible for TV coverage.)

Those who worry more about their weight and controlling their blood sugar — and less about shaving a minute or two from their marathon time — might go for mornings, when post-workout cell responses that influence metabolism are much stronger.

But the most important thing — as a well-known athletic shoe company used to say in its advertising — is to just do it, regardless of when.

Did You Know?

A pound of muscle burns 3 times more calories than a pound of fat…


Fitness Corner

Why try TRX (suspension training)


By Peter Loncto

Here at WAC we are blessed to have countless options to assist you in your goal of total wellness, with the emphasis on functional strength training. Nothing exemplifies this better than the TRX Suspension Training System.

TRX was invented by a former Navy Seal named Randy Hetrick and was born out of the Seal Teams desire to maintain their battle-ready fitness, with nowhere to train! What started with a few lengths of parachute webbing has grown into the present day TRX Suspension Trainer. TRX has evolved to become the single most game changing addition to virtually every gym, training facility and locker room in the country. It is used by the NFL, MLB, NHL and hundreds of NCAA and high school athletic programs.

The benefits of Suspension Training workouts are not just applicable to the performance elites; they are relevant for everyone who is seeking to safely and rapidly improve his or her fitness. Just ask Dick Randall (90+ years) or any one of the Ironman Triathlete members. There are virtually hundreds of exercises that can be progressed or regressed to adapt to any fitness level. With TRX's motto of "All core all the time", the system promotes health and wellness by activating the core musculature during every exercise. In addition, it is a "go anywhere" workout that can be used indoors, outdoors, or even in a home or hotel room setting! If you are looking to up your game, there are sport specific routines for golf, hockey, lacrosse, tennis and most other sports.

Currently, both Holly and I offer TRX classes and incorporate TRX Suspension Training into our other group and individual training. We can't to show you how to improve your functional strength, improve your flexibility, balance and core stability… all while having a great time!

Thanks and I'll see you in the gym.
Peter Loncto
P.S. Ask me about TRX Rip Training.. it's a whole new level of functional fitness!!


WAC now offering Pilates


We are excited to announce that we are once again expanding our group exercise offerings. Beginning July 29th we will be offering Pilates on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30pm.

Practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous benefits. Increased lung capacity and circulation through deep, healthy breathing is a primary focus. Strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles, coordination - both muscular and mental, are key components in an effective Pilates program. Posture, balance, and core strength are all heartily increased. Bone density and joint health improve, and many experience positive body awareness for the first time. Pilates teaches balance and control of the body, and that capacity spills over into other areas of one's life


Rachelle Boyd
Pilates Instructor

At age 16, I was introduced to a pilates fusion class and absolutely fell in love with the exercise. The lifestyle of self-love, health, and wellness really became a passion that I wanted to pursue, and so I decided to become a practitioner. With over 450 hours of classical pilates training, I have seen the art of Contrology in a different light. As a caring and compassionate teacher, it is my goal to create a workout environment that develops mind-body connection and embraces positivity. I believe in pilates and its principles of concentration, control, center, precision, breath, and flow. As an Instructor, it is my mission to educate and demonstrate all the benefits that Pilates provides. Whether it be rehabilitating an injury, improving posture, strengthening the core, increasing flexibility, or just getting a great workout--Pilates benefits people of all ages and skill levels!

Tennis Corner

Video Clip from Chris Dudeck

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Club Championship Update

The 2019 Club Championship is in full swing! For the first time in 5 years, the Westlake Athletic Club hosting a Club Championship and we've had a great turn out. Over 80 players are playing with some of the matches already completed. It's a round robin format, with the top competitors meeting on Sept. 15th for the Club Championship Finals!

Some of the players that are off to a hot start with a win in the round robin are:

Melissa Albright 3.5 Singles
Nooshin Samadani 3.5 Singles
Mary Feldstein (2 WINS!) 3.5 Singles
Laura Reiland & Sue Cass 3.5 Doubles
Tanja Daniel & Melissa Sherline 4.0 Doubles
Michael Roberts 3.5 Singles
Scott Nicholson 4.0 Singles
Matt Seegers & Keith Lippiatt 4.0 Doubles
Randy Lee 4.5 Singles
Steve Wilde Open Singles

Make plans to come cheer on the Members that make the Finals on Sept. 15!



Video Tip of the Month from Miguel Enciso

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Pickleball 101

  1. Just get it over the net. Sometimes, the best strategy in pickleball is to just get it over the net. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Obviously, it's not easy at all. But the mantra "get it over the net" really comes in handy when you're trying to make complicated shots that you don't need to be making. Instead of doing something fancy and risky, just dink it over!
  2. Don't scoot up when you serve or before you return serve. I know, it's hard to do. But whenever you scoot up after you serve or even before you return serve, you're opening yourself up for disaster. Remember, you can't volley the return serve or the third shot because of the double bounce rule. So stay back and be patient!
  3. Stay at the kitchen line. Beginners and intermediate players have a tendency to back off the kitchen line slowly as the point goes on. Don't do this! Backing off that line means that you're more likely to get a ball to your feet. And those shots are almost impossible to return. Instead, stay steadfast and stalwart at the kitchen line. It's your line! Don't back off!
  4. Serve deep. Out of all the things to be focused on with your serve, this is one of the most important concepts. Serving deep does two things: it keeps your opponent away from the kitchen (which is a good thing) and it makes their return serve shot harder since it's further away. Try not to worry about power, just focus on getting it as deep as you can.
  5. Return serves deep. What I just talked about above also applies to return serves. Return them as deep as possible. Returning them deep makes their third shot drop much more difficult. And making the third shot drop more difficult than it already is will make any pickleball player cringe.
  6. Always be ready. What do infield baseball players look like when the pitch is being thrown? Are they standing straight up with their hands at their sides? Nope! They're crouching slightly with their glove and hands ready. You should do the same in pickleball. It doesn't really matter how you do it, but just getting in your stance is important.
  7. The kitchen rule concerns volleys only. One of the most common questions I get is about the kitchen rule. The rules surrounding the kitchen can be confusing, but one way to help you clear it up in your head is to understand that the kitchen rules only concern volleys, not groundstrokes. If the ball has bounced, the kitchen rule is no longer in play!
  8. Hit to their feet. In the wonderful world of pickleball, nothing is more difficult than returning a ball hit to your feet. Have you had that happen to you? It's next to impossible. So if you have the opportunity, aim for the feet!
  9. Return serve to the middle. Have you ever seen two players watch the ball casually bounce past them on a return serve? Hilarious, isn't it? A breakdown in communication in pickleball often leads to mistakes. Might as well take advantage of it and hit it down the middle.