What's Happening @ WAC?


As we enter the Holiday season and come to the end of 2023, I want to thank all our members and staff for the joy, fun and adventure you bring to Westlake Athletic Club. Our team works hard to make your experience at the club a positive one, but I think I speak for all our staff to say our members bring a positive experience to our workplace, as well. Thank you for choosing WAC for all your fitness goal and we look forward to seeing you throughout the coming year.

We have had some fun and unusual recent events at the club including the filming of The Golden Bachelor for the Pickleball Date episode. The Bachelor for this 1st season is a huge pickleball fan and we loved hosting the cast and crew. KTLA also filmed at the club when they highlighted the City of Westlake Village. Our club has been around since 1972 and is a huge part of the history of the area. We were honored to be included in the review of the City.

I also wanted to review some additions we have at the club (more details are available under the Fitness and Swim section of the newsletter).

We recently added the Infrared Sauna with Red Light Therapy on the pool deck and have received tremendous feedback from our members who are using it. We offer these two wellness modalities at no cost to our members. Many other boutique wellness businesses in the area charge between $25-$40 per session so we hope you are enjoying the benefits of your sessions. If you are unfamiliar with this wellness modality, please read more about it below.

The Human Touch massage chair that was delivered at the end of summer has been popular with our members, as well. The chair provides full body massage, lumbar heat, zero gravity positioning and acupressure for the arms and legs.

Our members, Shay Shani and Donnelly Wilkes donated the stretch cage located in the outdoor functional gym area. Shay shared a great introduction video to get you started. The link is available below:
"Stretch Cage"