Miscellaneous Updates


Accurate Reservations

It is important to make sure your reservations for all areas of the club are accurate. If you input incorrect names in your court reservations, this can slow down the front desk check in process and we try to give you the smoothest member process as possible. It is also important that you use the designated court/lane you were assigned at the time of check in. If you wish to change a court or lane, please contact the front desk to ensure the space is truly available.

With summer around the corner the Club becomes busier and it becomes even more important that we allow as many members access to our facilities as possible, so please be thoughtful and cancel any reservations you are not able to use. We often have waitlists for classes and open play, as well as players waiting for an open court - especially during primetime hours. We hesitate to implement "no show" fees, but if we see members who do not cancel reservations, we will begin to add a "no show" fee to your statement.