Fitness Corner


Are Kettlebell Workout Good for Weight Loss?
By Greg Brookes

The simple answer is YES! Here are 5 reasons why kettlebell workouts are effective for weight loss:

  1. Each kettlebell exercise uses up tp 600 muscles. When you use more muscles with each exercise you use more energy which in turn burns more calories.
  2. Utilizing kettlebells for exercise develops more muscle which increases you metabolism. The quicker and more demanding your metabolic rate the more calories you burn in your daily life, even while sleeping. Kettlebells, being a weight, strengthen and tone muscles which enable them to perform better in the next workout.
  3. Kettlebell training increases cardio as well as muscle mass. Many kettlebell exercises are dynamic and require swings, pulls, pushes using explosive movements. These types of movements build strength but also work the cardiovascular system because the heart rate remains high while you are working out.
  4. Kettlebell exercises are put together in flowing circuits which also helps to keep the heart up which in turn burns even more calories per workout. Once the workout is over the body needs to work hard in order to restore balance which in turn uses more energy and calories.
  5. Kettlebell workouts are fun, convenient and addictive! When performing kettlebell exercises you flow from one movement to the next which takes practice and skill taking the emphasis away from the workout and more on mastering the movements.