April Newsletter 2016

March 31, 2016

imgDear Members,

In March we began using our mobile App to keep you better informed about what is happening at the club. We currently have 110 members signed up for the App. Now that the app is up and running we would like all members with smart phones to download the app and begin using it. Our goal with the app will be to keep you informed of changes that are happening at the club and alert you about upcoming events. The app can also be used to check the clinic and group exercise schedules and soon you will be able to check in at the front desk with your phone. We hope you will find the app a convenient way to stay in touch with what is happening around the club.

With the days getting longer and the temperature heating up, the pool has begun to get busy. We would like to remind our swimmers of the proper etiquette for the pool. When all of the lanes are occupied members must share their lane with other members. It is best to choose the lane where the swimmer is swimming at the same pace that you will be swimming at. If there are lanes open when you are ready to start we ask you to take one of the remaining open lanes. If you are relaxing in the Jacuzzi before your swim you cannot hold a lane by placing your equipment at the end of a lane. Lanes are considered available as long as there is no one swimming in the lane. Families with children are welcome to use the pool but are required to stay in one lane unless family swim time is scheduled.

We have had several questions regarding court assignments at the front desk and we want to take a moment to review the Court Sign-Up and Assignment Policy. Please remember that our front desk staff has a complete overview of all court requirements for the entire day and will assign the courts based on what is currently available as well as what will be needed later in the day. When possible, the member might choose the court he/she prefers; however, the front desk staff has final say. We allot one hour for singles and one and a half hours for doubles, and the reservation begins at the time it was scheduled, not when the group begins playing.

We also ask the members to respect the staffs’ schedules and vacate the courts prior to the closing time of the club. Membership Terms are on the website or available at the front desk.

We are honored to have been chosen to host the National Men’s 45s Championships again this year. The tournament will run May 30th through June 5th and are looking for volunteers to host the courtesy desk, monitor the courts, and provide flowers and snacks for the tournament desk. Sign-up sheets are at the front desk for those interested in helping out. We are also looking for local companies interested in sponsoring the event. In return we will market your business to our members and the local community. This tournament is an event that both our members and the local community look forward to each year and we hope you will consider supporting the tournament. If you are interested in becoming involved in this exciting event, please e-mail me at jsutcliffe@caclubs.com.

Let’s Move for a Better World,
John Sutcliffe
General Manager

Nutrition Tip:

Spring Berry Detox
By Anna Griffin


Have you ever felt like your body was trying to tell you something?
I just recently recovered from the flu, and my body was screaming for clean, fresh food. After a constant stream of over-the-counter flu and pain medications, my body was hungry for some greens; I wanted to repair my body from the chemical onslaught and the remainder of a toxic bug.


Cleansing the body with a daily smoothie is a great way to offer it the nutrients it needs to gently cleanse and detoxify. Green smoothies provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, healthy fats, and protein that are necessary for detoxification and elimination of toxic compounds. We are constantly ingesting toxins and environmental pollutants that cause cellular oxidative damage, and can contribute to chronic illness. Air pollution, medication use, poor dietary choices, alcohol use, excessive sun exposure and cigarette smoke all contribute to the toxic burden placed on our bodies.


In order to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, we can offset oxidative damage with adequate nutrition and antioxidants. The addition of daily green smoothies offers many protective and restorative compounds needed to optimize whole body health.


Focus on seasonal and locally grown produce, and always chemical free and organic, to enhance nutrition and the detoxification process. Chia seeds improve fiber intake, and coconut oil contributes healthy fats and encourages satiety; it also slows down the release of sugar to the blood stream. Consume a green smoothie daily for optimal health and at the bare minimum incorporate them into the diet for 7-10 days seasonally, or after big holidays or events, for an optimal cleanse.

Spring Strawberry Blueberry Detox Smoothie


• 6 oz of Mixed Greens (Spinach, Kale and Chard)
• 1-2 whole peeled Beets, (raw if using a Vitamix, shredded if using other blenders)
• 1/4 wedge of Lemon
• 1 cup Strawberries
. ½ cup Blueberries
• 2 tbsp Chia seeds
• 1 tbsp Coconut oil
• 8 oz Coconut milk
• 12-16 oz Water, depending on desired thickness
The first step to making an amazing, healthful smoothie is to hit the Westlake Village farmers market on Agoura Road each Sunday morning. It is full of fresh seasonal, locally grown fruit and veg at this time of year, so load up on them as you cannot get enough of their nutritional goodness.

Drink up, feel clean and energized, and go seize the day. Enjoy!

Tennis Stuff

Video clip from Chris Dudeck, Co-Director at WAC

Video clip from Calle Hansen, Co-Director at WAC


Tennis Tip

This side of 50 on the Tennis Court: Age Is Just A Number!
By Karl Akkerman
This month’s article is a continuation of the theme that many members here at The Westlake Athletic Club believe tennis is an incredibly fun way to exercise and socialize.

I am always amazed when I ask folks “Have you ever been to the Ojai tournament?” Almost all of them say no. If you have never been to an Ojai semi-final or final you are missing a gem that is right here in Ventura County. Yes, Ojai is a bit of a drive from Westlake but it is worth the little over an hour drive to see the future and past greats of tennis, and you can say that you attended the largest and oldest invitational tennis tournament in the United States. It started 116 years ago.

Ojai is a lovely destination and was voted the Second Best Tennis Town in the USA a few years ago. The town is very reasonably priced for anything from food and shopping, to the entry fee of the tournament. And the parking is free. The oak trees are amazing and the weather is a warm spring temperature.

The Men’s and Women’s Pac 12 championships for Division One Colleges are held at the Ojai, and at least two or three of the players competing will be a ATP or WTA Pros in a few short years. Tennis greats such as Bobby Riggs, Jack Kramer, Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King, Pancho Gonzales, Stan Smith, Jimmy Connors, Michael Chang, Lindsay Davenport and Pete Sampras, have all played there, but this is just a partial list. Here is a link to the more recent great players that have played at the tournament.


You are a part of this great game’s history when you can say things like,” In 1977, in front of the biggest crowd ever, Tracy Austin won the women’s Invitational title at the Ojai at age 14”.

The Bryan Brothers are also part of the Ojai history, winning every match 6-0, 6-0. That was 108 consecutive games without a loss and 49 consecutive service breaks in their junior years.

Check out this video on how to do a volley drill as only the Bryan Bros can do:

Recently other great players who have competed at the Ojai are Steven Johnson, Sam Querry and Jean-Julien Rojer,

The Ojai includes an Open Division and pays the winner and runner up a cash prize. In fact, our very own Director of Tennis and 2015 USPTA Player of the Year, Calle Hansen, won the Ojai event last year in the Open Doubles with his partner, Quinn Borchard. They will be returning to defend their title so keep your email eyes open for when they are playing, as you will want to watch these two in action. You may also want to come and watch two of our very own very talented Junior players, Brandon Lam (son of our very own Tennis Professional Louis Lam) and Andrew Whitehouse (son of our very own Lorene Whitehouse) play in the Men's Open pre- qualifying, while Emily Ackerman, a sophomore at Thousand Oaks High, will also be competing in the juniors. She is rated 16th in So Cal, and ranked in the top 100 in the Nation, in her age bracket.

This year the Ojai tournament will be held April 19-April 24. I encourage you to go any day but the last two days are the all-exciting semi-final and final matches. Arrive there about 10am to stay until 5pm. and be prepared to watch an amazing amount of doubles and singles tennis at the highest levels.
You will talk about it for years!
The 2015 WAC Ojai gang, out in force to support Calle.
Calle and his doubles partner, Quinn Borchard, taking the title in ’15.

Fitness Tip

Spinal Side Stretch
By Patti Markowitz

When performing the side spinal stretch, it will improve your posture, feel better, stand taller and relieve pain. When you are stretching , it should be pain free. You should move into the stretch slowly and avoid bouncing. Stretch on a clean flat surface. By holding the stretch for 20-30 seconds it will allow muscles or joints to become loose.

Lie on back with your knees bent and feet flat on floor, and bring your arms out to sides to a T shape.


Take a deep breath in and as you bring knees to one side, exhale. Keep your shoulders on the floor. Inhale and bring your knees back to your chest before repeating on the other side.


Yoga Tip

Variations of Parsvakonasana
By Cindy Zaveruha


Pose in Photo: Parsvakonasana - Modified (Extended Side Angle Pose)

Parsvakonasana is an asana that may be modified to fit into a practice for beginner or advanced yoga classes. This side angle pose stretches the ankles, legs, all sides of the torso, shoulders, neck and arms. Benefits may include relief of sciatic or lower back pain, abdominal cramping and certain digestive issues.


Utthita Parsvakonasana: Top arm extends up and over head forming one line of energy from fingertips to outer edge of back foot.

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana: Twisting side angle pose for more advanced yoga classes. Torso is rotated with opposite arm and leg extended.

Modified Parsvakonasana: Lower arm may be resting on bent knee or extended, with palm flat on the mat or on a block, placed either in front or behind the front foot.

Training Tip

Foam Rolling
By Peter Loncto

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR), stretching technique that has been embraced throughout the fitness industry. This effective and simple to-do technique delivers positive, feel good results. Foam rollers have become easily accessible, either at the gym, or found in any sporting goods store for a minimal investment. Here at the club, we have the green Technogym foam roller or the generic black version.

Using the foam roller can deliver improvements in flexibility, muscle recovery, movement efficiency, and pain reduction, with just a few minutes of application. Proper usage of foam rolling can prevent and/or eliminate painful soft tissue adhesions (also known as "trigger points" or "knots"). SMR benefits include correction of muscle imbalances, muscle relaxation, improved joint range of motion, reduced soreness and improved recovery.

Foam rolling should be done before static or dynamic stretching activities. It can also be done prior to or just after a tennis match, a gym workout, or any other activity.

Slowly roll the targeted area until the most tender spot is found. Then hold on that spot for 20-90 seconds. It is important to maintain core stability and to utilize relaxed, deep breathing.
Warning! Depending on the degree of severity of the knot, you may experience discomfort. Hang in there; you will feel the release and a whole lot better when you are done. Feel free to ask for help. it only take a few minutes to learn the basics, and is like getting an invigorating sports massage, for free!


Exercise Tip

Hay Bale to Wood Chop
By Katie Whittaker

An exercise and strengthener for your back, abdominals, arms and legs, this also assists with balance.

Holding a weighted ball up and to the side, rotate to opposite toe, Belly In!


Exhale and twist to the floor.


Do two sets of 12 repetitions on each side, with a ball heavy enough to tire you after those reps.

Tri Corner


Many swimmers need to breathe more often, especially when swimming hard. Bilateral breathing merely refers to breathing on both sides to create a balanced and efficient stroke technique. Try breathing to the right for 3 breaths, then the left for next 3 breaths. Create your own pattern based on your breathing needs.

The goal of the recovery phase is to return the arm to the water as quickly as possible. Slowing the arm before entering the water merely impairs streamline and increases drag. Try swimming with a quick and relaxed recovery. Listen for a “plopping” sound as the arm drops into the water.

You might not see it, but you are definitely perspiring in the pool. A warm pool or a hard workout can increase your sweat rate just like land-based sports. Always take a water bottle with an electrolyte drink mix to swim practice and drink at regular intervals during the sets.

Swimming efficiently requires the entire body to work together. While a small amount of forward propulsion can be gained by kicking hard, a light and relaxed kick will help with balance and core strength. Using the lower body correctly can increase power during the arm pull.

Life At WAC

Spring Forward
By Anna Griffin


Spring is officially here and we are thrilled to see you embracing the long, sunny days, in the pool or on the tennis courts, as you perfect your technique and hone your skills . . .



The Fitness Center is busy as you push yourselves to your ultimate fitness goals, enjoying our state-of-the-art Technogym equipment . . .


We are enjoying and inspired by your energy, enthusiasm and commitment!

Our Juniors have been making the most of the great weather also, with two fun events. First up was the Amazing Race, with children participating in a blind-fold challenge, hoops, a ring throwing game, and much more. Everyone had fun . . .



And on March 20th, the little ones enjoyed our Annual Easter Egg Hunt . . .




Thank you for the photos, Michelle Sabbagh. Too cute!

In tennis news, there is a lot coming up starting with some great events. For our adult members, World Team Tennis is on April 9th and 10th. Co-ed teams play fun format of tennis matches throughout weekend! Contact WTT Coordinators, Calle Hansen or Alexandria Campbell for more information: chansen@caclubs.com or alexcampbell.campbell@gmail.com

World Team Tennis Flyer

Here’s a look back at last year . . .


The Junior Davis Cup will be held on April 22nd, 6-9 pm with teams representing a country and playing Davis Cup-style match competition! Cost of entry is $35, with dinner included. Contact Chris Dudeck for more information: cdudeck@caclubs.com.

Junior Davis Cup Flyer download

WAC is proud to announce we are hosting the 2016 National Men’s 45 Hard Court Championships, May 30th – June 5th. This premiere tournament is one of four national events in which national, top tennis players in their age division compete on four separate surfaces. Premiere venues from around the country compete to be selected by the USTA, and we are honored to have been selected having hosted this event for the past 17 years. It is an event that both our members and the local community look forward to each year. The tournament is open to both members and the general public and draws spectators from Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, as well as the greater Los Angeles area. Players, please sign up, and spectators, please note the dates and come out to watch some fabulous tennis and support your fellow members. We are also looking for volunteers to host the courtesy desk, monitor the courts, and provide flowers and snacks for the tournament desk. Sign-up sheets are at the front desk for those interested in helping out.

2016 National Men’s 45 Hard Court Championships Flyer

We are also looking for local sponsors and corporate partners. This is a tremendous opportunity for significant exposure for your brand. Please contact John Sutcliffe or Calle Hansen for more information: jsutcliffe@caclubs.com or chansen@caclubs.com

For a fun social event happening out of town, Karl Akkerman has graciously arranged an amazing 36 hours of fun for a very small number of players, to our sister club in Paso Robles. It’s going to be a fun weekend with a lot of energy and Paso Robles Athletic Club is looking forward to hosting us for a tennis round robin, a clinic the following morning, and run of their beautiful club. There will be wine tastings and there is a dedicated bus and personal driver for the duration of the trip. A super deal for a fun event at only $235 per person, space is limited so hurry if you wish to participate.


In other news, starting May 1st, Karl and Tim will be offering a “Two for One” deal at their Sunday morning clinic (9:00 – 10:30 am). On the first Sunday of each month, anyone can bring a spouse or significant other to the clinic at no charge for the partner. This deal will be for a limited time only, so make sure to take advantage of it. Bring your favorite sidekick and come out and have some laughs. The clinic is both instructional and provides a good healthy workout, and players from beginners to advance can attend. Karl and Tim have two courts available and will offer instruction based on players’ level. There is always lots of laughter, and the time together can build untold memories. These Sunday morning clinics are also the birthplace for many new league players as well. Karl always seems to get new members involved. Remember, the Sunday morning clinic costs just $20 for members and $30 for non-members but on the first Sunday of the month, your “significant other” is free. Such a deal! You can then take out your honey to brunch afterwards to cap off a great day together!

Final news from our tennis department is the start of Joe Block’s Adult Beginner Tennis Clinic, held every Monday 10 - 11.30 am. For those of you who are not yet fluid on the courts but would like to be, this is a tremendous opportunity to get your game on. $20 for members, $30 for non-members – arrive at Front Desk 15 minutes before to sign in.


In fitness news, if you haven’t already, take a Body Sculpting class held every Monday and Wednesday from 11.00-12.00 pm, in our gorgeous fitness studio. Holly Butler is leading this phenomenal class, which offers a mixture of floor exercises and resistance training utilizing our state of the art yoga wall, and other props such as gliding discs, stability balls, and band training. Build, lengthen, tone, lean and stretch, for a fabulously balanced and functional body.




On March 3rd, new small group TRX training classes were put on the schedule. Developed by Navy Seals with flexibility, strength, balance and core stability in mind, trainer Peter Loncto, will lead small groups of no more than six members and is offering packages of ten workouts for $150. Buy yours at Front Desk.

TRX Training Flyer


If you have yet to begin your Technogym experience and enjoying our fabulous Fitness Center, Katie Whittaker continues to offer a complimentary personal training session to new clients, as she introduces you to our wonderful equipment and exercises to meet your fitness goals. If the gym is not your thing, Katie is including water exercise, breathing and meditation, yoga and pilates, and core strengthening. This is a brilliant opportunity to try something new with one of our most trusted and effective trainers.

Katie Whittaker Flyer

Now that our temporary locker rooms are operational, please make yourselves at home but be mindful of our limited hot water, keeping your showers to a couple of minutes. It is likely we will run out of hot water from time to time but if we all do our part and take short showers we can keep those times to a minimum. We are grateful for your patience and support as we upgrade and install your new locker facilities, ready to be unveiled in the coming months. By the way, they will be so worth it!

As always we are striving to offer you, our valuable members, a premier experience here at Westlake Athletic Club, and look forward to continuing to upgrade our offerings in our quest to being one of the premier boutique health and wellness clubs in the Conejo Valley. Enjoy these lovely spring days as we enjoy supporting you to reach your fitness goals, and becoming your best, healthiest selves.

Happy April, Members!


Member of the Month

Richard Katz
Gone To the Dogs!

By Anna Griffin

Although Richard Katz lives in Tarzana, he chooses to make the 30-minute drive to WAC because, as he says, “It had the most number of tennis players in the general area and clearly offers the best value.” Richard joined WAC in December 2014, after retiring with 35 years in the executive search and employment field and selling his Hollywood Hills home to move to the San Fernando Valley. Richard is a native of Los Angeles and grew up in the Valley.


In between his tennis matches, organized by his newly made good friend, Steve Hamburger, Richard established Pet Therapy Advisers (PTA). PTA’s mission is to increase the number of certified therapy dog handlers to meet the growing demand. "Demand for more therapy dog handlers is rapidly increasing due to more and more scientific evidence of the positive impact that therapy dogs have on people's physical and psychological health," Richard says.

Richard goes on to say that not only are healthcare professionals demanding therapy dogs as part of a patient's medical treatment, but new applications are appearing at some very unlikely places. Consider these examples of how therapy dogs are being used:
• To calm travelers at airports;
• Courts using therapy dogs to calm child witnesses;
• Specially trained therapy dogs used by the FBI during their investigation of mass shootings;
• Juvenile probation departments and prisons using therapy dogs to calm inmates;
• Schools and libraries using therapy dogs to help children learn to read;
• Dependency rehab centers using therapy dogs to bring emotional comfort to residents.

Richard’s trusty sidekick is one of his beloved dogs, Rudy. A ten-year old standard poodle, who Richard has raised since he was eight weeks old. Rudy came from a breeder that has won many shows in his class, and is an incredible therapy dog and knows on instinct who needs emotional support. Rudy was at LAX airport providing comfort to travelers over the holiday, as seen on Fox News: http://www.foxla.com/news/local-news/59685924-story


As a registered therapy dog handler for the UCLA Health Center for the past two years, Richard was spurred on to create a three-hour, introductory class after constantly being asked by patients, staff and visiting family how one becomes certified.

Pet Therapy Advisers (PTA) started offering one course last year Orange Coast College. Six months later, PTA now offers three courses at five colleges.


Pet Therapy Advisers next three-hour introductory class entitled Rudy on Rounds, Become a Certified Therapy Dog Handler, will be offered at Pierce Community College, located in Woodland Hills, on Thursday evening May 19th from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Please click here for Pierce Extension registration information.

For a complete list of therapy dog courses, college locations and teaching schedule, please go to Pet Therapy Advisers web site.

We thank you, Richard, not only for the difference you make as a valued member of the club, but also for the great work you are doing to help others.

Member Escape

Anyone For Tennis? Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, San Diego
By Anna Griffin

If you’re in need of a break; a place you can escape to in five star style, while still pursuing your athletic training and wellness goals, then go to the award-winning Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa - Southern California's only Relais & Châteaux property. A sanctuary of luxury and health tucked away on 45 acres of lush gardens and olive groves, this Mediterranean-inspired, all-suite property offers 49 luxuriously appointed guest casitas with private patios, just a 30-minute drive north of San Diego.

As you pamper yourself in your luxurious surroundings, a world of sport and fitness await. From court games such as basketball, volleyball, and badminton; athletic training and activities such as TRX, Spin classes, and cycling; a state-of-the-art fitness center; an award-winning tennis program, or mind-body practices like yoga and pilates, to more gentle pursuits such as bocce ball or croquet, there is something for the athlete in us all.

Calling tennis “more than a pastime. It’s our passion,” Rancho Valencia has been rated as Southern California's No. 1 tennis resort by Tennis Magazine consistently since 2008. A staff of experienced USPTA and USPTR certified tennis professionals are available to help players of all levels reach their full potential on the court, with lessons and programs tailored to the individual.

With two saline swimming pools comfortably heated to 82 degrees for year-round enjoyment, relax after an early morning workout or take a post-tennis dip. Indulge in the Jacuzzi to soothe your tired muscles, or head to The Spa to pamper yourself with a therapeutic massage or rejuvenating treatment, such as a herb-infused body-wrap, using all organic and natural ingredients.


If it’s a round of golf your in the mood for, guests of the resort enjoy access to the expansive, lush fairways of private and public world-class golf courses locally and in the San Diego area, including the famous Torrey Pines Golf Course, home to the 2008 US Open.

Rancho Valencia offers two distinctive restaurants, Veladora and The Pony Room, which both highlight the resort’s farm-to-table philosophy. Executive Chef Jarrod Moiles and Chef De Cuisine Matt Borbon, craft captivating cuisine using fresh, organic, seasonal produce, and herbs grown right on property, from rustic American to enchanting Mediterranean, earning Best of Award of Excellence 2015, by Wine Spectator Magazine.


Rancho Valencia was hand selected by Forbes Travel Guide as one of the finest Five-Star hotels in the world (2016) and was awarded the prestigious AAA Five Diamond award (2016), both for three consecutive years. The resort has also been ranked as the #1 resort in the country by U.S. News & World Report (2015) was listed on Condé Nast Traveler's 2015 Gold List, amongst other prestigious awards this stunning property continues to be receive.

To plan your special getaway, visit http://www.ranchovalencia.com

Fitness Stuff

Meet your Trainers

imgPatti Markowitz
Patti Markowitz has been helping people stay healthy & fit for over 25 years as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Aerobics Instructor. Her tenure at the Westlake Athletic Club (WAC) began back in 1993 where she has trained hundreds of members who continue to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle augmented by hours spent building strong bone, muscle, and piece of mind through exercise & resistance-training. Patti believes that when you change bodies you change lives, and that being a Personal Trainer is about much more that just knowing the exercise or routine, it’s about living the lifestyle, and being able to motivate and inspire others to move toward healthier and happier lives.

As one of WAC’s leading Certified Personal Trainers, Patti specializes in designing customized programs in training for strength, weight loss, and functional fitness. Her attitude and presentation makes workouts fun and motivating; never routine, dull or boring. As your trainer, she will take your health & wellness personally, working alongside you to help achieve ALL of your fitness goals.

An accomplished marathon runner, avid swimmer, and someone you will most likely bump into in a Yoga class at the Club, Patti’s attention to her own fitness reflects her commitment to well-being. With your determination and her dedication you can make anything happen.

For an opportunity to train with Patti, you can call her directly at (805) 208-9578, or inquire at the front desk at WAC.

imgBrooke Wedding:
Elite Spartan Racing Athlete
2015 World Championship Contender
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Trainer and Personal Trainer
Tennis Professional PTR 10&U,11-17, Adult Development, High Performance


imgKatie Whittaker
Katie specializes in aquatic exercise, yoga, and meditation, as well as in strength, toning and cardiovascular training. She also offers nutrition counseling and weight management. Creator of "Aqua Yoga," she uses water and land exercise to compassionately assist clients both pre and post surgery. Katie is certified in fitness instruction by the National Arthritis Association, the Yoga Alliance, the Aquatic Exercise Association, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Association of Sports Medicine. Katie has guided hundreds of clients to better health for more than 10 years.


imgPeter Loncto
Peter Loncto is a longtime resident of Westlake Village and the newest member of our training staff. As a National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Suspension Training instructor, he blends his passion and enthusiasm for fitness with his knowledge and experience to motivate and challenge his clients to feel their best.

"When I first met with John Sutcliffe a year ago and he shared his vision of a first rate fitness center, I was excited to have an opportunity to work with my neighbors in our fantastic community. After learning of his commitment to Technogym, I was all in! The Technogym philosophy of Wellness, their unique, elegant Kinesis One stations with an emphasis on adaptive, functional movement, and their unequaled interactive capability place them far out in front of any other traditional gym equipment. Some of you may have seen me in the Fitness Center over the last month, working out and becoming familiar with the literally thousands of movements possible with the Technogym system. Every day I am more impressed with Technogym's versatility and applicability to all levels of fitness. Whether your goal is a better backstroke, more tee-to-green distance, weight loss and toning, or just feeling your best, Technogym offers dozens of programs and the ability to customize a wellness program just for you.

I look forward to meeting all of you in the coming months and welcome the chance to assist you in identifying your Wellness goals, and working with you to achieve them. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. It would be an honor to be part of your Wellness journey.

Holly Butler
Influenced by growing up in Boulder, CO (aka the fittest city in America), Holly Butler has always lead an active lifestyle. As an adult, she was drawn to non-impact fitness, starting with the athleticism of Vinyasa yoga. While practicing yoga she discovered and fell in love with Barre classes and Body Sculpting classes using resistance training. Her 3 daughters were all in school and Holly thought it was the right time to get her certification and go back to work, doing something she loved. Holly spends her “off” time coordinating many school drop-offs, pick-ups and dance carpools for her daughters, being involved in charity work for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, volunteering school, and playing tennis at WAC with her husband. We are pleased that Holly will be teaching the Body Sculpting class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30pm.

Amy Malloy
Amy Malloy hales from Chicago, Illinois and comes to SoCal by way of New Haven, CT and NYC. She moved to the area 2 years ago with her family and is happy to be working at Westlake Athletic Club. She is an actor, a mom, and a fitness professional. Amy received her MFA from the Yale School of Drama and her BA from Columbia College. Her fitness expertise is backed by certifications and almost 30 years of experience teaching group fitness and personal training. We are pleased that she will be teaching the Barre class on Fridays at 12:30pm.

Kim Leigh
We are pleased to have Kim Leigh as our newest Master’s Swim Coach. Kim has been coaching Master’s Swim for 5 years including open water swimming for triathletes and she actively participates in Master’s programs as well. She is a graduate of CSU Northridge with a BA and MS in Microbiology and has been a part of Amgen since 2003.

Group Exercise Schedule

 Day           Class
 Time  Teacher
 Sun Yoga (Beg/Int) 9.00 am–10.00 am Katie/Cindy
 Sun Skills, Thrills & Drills  9.00 am–10.30 am Karl/Tim
 Mon & Wed  TRX Training 9.00 am–10.00 am Peter
 Mon & Wed Master Swim 12.00 pm-1.00 pm Scott
 Mon & Wed Body Sculpting 11.00-12.00pm Holly
 Mon Adult Beginner Tennis  10.00-11.30 am Joe
 Yoga (Beg/Int)
 5:30-6:30pm      Cindy
 Mon Live Ball (3.0+) 6.30-8.00 pm Lorene
 Tue & Thurs Master Swim 5.30-6.30 am Kari
 Tue & Thurs  Yoga (Beg/Int)
 9:00-10am  Katie
 Tue & Thurs Masters Swim  6.30-8.00 pm Logan
 Tue & Thurs  TRX Training 6.30 pm-7.30 pm Peter
 Tue Body Sculpting
 5.30-6.30 pm Holly
 Tue Serious Tennis
 6.00-7.30 pm  Chris
 Wed Cardio Tennis 9.00-10.30 am Chris
 Wed Yoga (Beg/Int)
 5:30-6:30 pm Beth
 Wed Small Group Training 6.00-7.00 pm Peter
 Wed Men’s Live Ball (4.0+) 6.00-7.30 pm Calle
 Wed Adult Tennis Drills 6.30-8.00 pm Karl
 Thurs Adult Tennis Drills 6.30-8.00 pm  Tim
 Fri Barre Class
 12.30-1.30 pm Amy
 Sat Master Swim 7.15-8.30 am Kari
 Sat  Yoga (Beg/Int)
 8:30-9:30am  Katie
 Sat Live Ball (3.0+) 10.30 am-12.00 pm Chris

Masters Swim

Kari Davis
WAC is pleased to have Kari Davis as our Head Masters Swim Coach. Kari was  a Collegiate All-American swimmer and has over 30 years coaching experience. Kari began teaching swimming in San Diego in 1990. In 1991 and 1992 she was San Diego’s Age-Group Coach of the Year.

In 2005 Kari moved to Park City where she started a Masters Swim Team and began coaching triathletes. Kari loves coaching and enjoys working with students of all ages and abilities. Kari lives with her husband in Westlake Village and has 2 grown children.

Logan Franks
WAC is pleased to have Logan Franks coach our Masters swim program.

imgLogan Franks served seven years in the Marine Corps infantry. During his enlistment, he raced on the Marine Corps Triathlon team. He was 1 of 6 Marines selected to represent the All Marine Triathlon Team at Armed Forces Triathlon Championships in 2011. Logan also competed as a professional triathlete with a primary focus on long course triathlon. In 2010 he was ranked 52nd in the world for Ironman and he posted the fasted American run split of the day at Ironman world championships, crossing the finish line in 9:02.

Logan was also collegiate runner for the University of Delhi, located in NY. Though he was a fast runner, his success in triathlon was being hindered by his lack of swim knowledge and experience. Knowing this, Logan went to a number of swim clinics and trained under the guidance of some of the best triathlon and swim coaches in the United States. Logan soon became a front pack swimmer, often coming out of the water in the top six of the pro division for Ironman and 70.3 races.

2013, Logan shifted his focus to coaching and put his athletic career on hold. Logan currently owns a military focused triathlon team. He coaches prior service members and active duty military. He also coaches paratriathletes and other wounded vets hoping to compete in the Paralympics. Logan is a Level 2 Masters Swim Coach, and is very approachable, always willing to help anyone on deck.

imgKevin Lane, Swim Instructor & Coach

Kevin Lane is the Assistant Swim Coach of California Lutheran University Men's and Women's Swim Team. He is also an adjunct instructor at CLU, teaching swimming, and a Masters Swim Coach at Westlake Athletic Club (Certified USMS Level 2).

In addition to coaching, Kevin teaches swimming to all ages and levels here at the WAC. You may have seen him working with students in the pool.

He teaches private one on one lessons as well as groups of two students. His lessons run from 30 mins to an hour, and are for beginners, intermediate, all the way to the competitive student. Kevin has a reputation as a warm and caring instructor who is very intuitive when comes to each individual's needs. With years of experience, he understands how to get the best out of each student at every lesson.

Kevin started swimming and competing at the age of seven. Growing up in Connecticut, he continued to swim through his teen years on the club level, setting many Connecticut State records. He represented Connecticut Swimming as an all-star team member, and traveled and competed against other all-star teams. Moving on to Southern Connecticut State University, a top ten NCAA Division II School, he competed on the national level and set school records in the in the 200 fly and in relays. In his senior year he was elected captain of his team.

After college, Kevin continued to train, compete and coach, eventually winning the Masters One Mile Open Rough Water National Championship for his age group. For over 20 years Kevin has been teaching swimming, coaching on the college, masters and novice level. He has just completed his fifth year of college coaching at CLU.

Kevin brings to the Westlake Athletic Club an enthusiastic love of swimming, with over 20 years of experience as a swim instructor, swim coach and competitor. Kevin looks forward to helping others advance in the water, as they learn how wonderful and positive the swimming experience is. As spring and summer approaches, Kevin encourages all members and families to get out and start a regular exercise program that includes swimming.

Masters Swim Schedule
Mon & Wed 12 to 1pm
Tues & Thurs 5:30 to 6:30am
Tues & Thurs 6:15-7:30pm
Sat 7 to 8:15am

Match Finder

Steve Hamburger, Lynn Abroms, and Bill Ries are looking for USTA or self rated 3.5 players for doubles and mixed doubles. The group plays two or three times a week, week days 8:30am to 11am. Steve and Bill maintain an e-mail listing and help coordinate the matches. If interested please e-mail Steve at stevehamburger@gmail.com.


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