November Newsletter 2015

November 13, 2015

imgDear Members,

Our new Yoga Wall is completed and classes began on November 2nd. Holly Butler will be teaching Body Sculpting classes on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, offering a mixture of floor exercises and resistance training utilizing the wall. This dynamic resistance style training helps build, lengthen and stretch muscles creating a more functional, balanced body.

We will also be adding Barre class on Friday afternoon from 12:30 to 1:30 pm with Amy Malloy. Amy comes to us via NYC where she was personal training and teaching group exercise classes at a number of high profile fitness centers. Amy’s class is a high-energy barre workout set to music, that works the whole body, with an emphasis on alignment and elongating body lines. We are excited to have both Holly and Amy on our team.

With the holiday season just around the corner and the eating binges that comes along with it, we want to “Challenge” our members to another Moves contest to motivate you to be more active through the holidays. Our Holiday Moves Challenge will begin on November 15th and end on January 2nd. The members that accumulate the highest number of moves will pick from a selection of prizes ranging in value of $500 down to $50. Management will also be awarding water bottles, hand towels and t-shirts to different participants throughout the contest. We hope to engage and motivate everyone to Move more to keep those holiday pounds off!!

We would like to applaud Susan Corti who finished the Ironman World Championship Race in Kona on October 10th. Susan battled through big swells in the water and temperatures in the nineties on the bike and the run to finish in 12:23:12. The theme of Kona this year was “Onipa’a.” A Hawaiian word, Onipa’a means “the strength to remain steadfast, resilient and resolute” all of which Susan exhibited in her journey to complete the iconic Ironman in Kona. Truly inspirational! Congratulations Susan!!

With the rainy weather just around the corner (supposedly) I would like to take a moment to remind everyone of our policies concerning wet courts. The courts will remain closed until the entire blue surface and 6 feet of the green surface behind the baseline is dry. The courts are evaluated individually and will be released for play once it is determined they are completely dry. The courts will be released according to the original reservation times. If you have an 8:30 doubles reservation and it is determined that the court is ready for play at 9am, you will have your court until 10. As always, if your court is not reserved at 10am, you will be permitted to stay on the court. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Have a great day and good luck in our Moves Challenge.
Let’s Move for a Better World,
John Sutcliffe
General Manager

Fitness Tip:

High Pull Machine
By Patti Markowitz

Techno gym machines combine the support of traditional strength machines with functional training versatility. Users of every level can progress from simple, guided movements to free and natural movements. The exercises are designed to be intuitive for independent use. Users can perform movements with greater comfort.

High Pull:
1. Sit on seat with your feet flat on floor. Adjust the seat if needed by pressing down on the yellow button.
2. Adjust the pins to select the desired weight.
3. With your back straight, shift your weight back slightly.
4. Hold both handles, pulling your arms in towards your body, as you exhale, pulling your abs in.
5. Slowly extend arms and return to starting position.
6. Do two sets of 12 to 15 reps, taking less than a minute between sets.

Nutrition Tip:

Breakfast in a Glass!
By Anna Griffin
While some of us can’t face food first thing in the morning, others are too busy to have time to think about it. However fueling our bodies and minds is a must. We have stressful careers, family responsibilities and commitments, fitness routines to maintain, plus life’s unexpected stresses and demands, and we have to stay healthy. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so what to do if it’s not your thing? Stick it all in a blender, pour into a cup, and get going, prepared for a big day ahead.

One of the reasons I love this recipe, beyond its anti-oxidant, naturally caffeinated, allergy, cold-busting, and brain-boosting ingredients, is that you can stack this smoothie with as many additional nutrients as you like. The combination of green tea, honey, almond milk and cinnamon, creates a comforting taste, subtle enough to customize it to your own preferred blend. Raid your fridge for additional proteins like your usual workout powder or peanut butter; leafy greens such as kale, spinach, antioxidants like blueberries, or go wild and throw in some watermelon for density and additional hydration. (This might sound like an oddball, but watermelon features in all of my smoothies).

With cinnamon for the brain, green tea for an anti-oxidant injection, and almond milk for a protein and a vitamin-rich alternative to dairy, this smoothie has one more perk. With the natural caffeine from green tea, it is an awesome replacement for your usual energy-injecting, sugar-spiking, calorie-laden Mochachino, providing you with your morning energy, while honey helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. This will keep you on track and focused throughout the day, without leaving you with a sugar craving in the middle of the afternoon.

Green Tea and Almond Milk Smoothie, with Honey and Cinnamon.

Before making this recipe, it should be noted that it requires fresh green tea. Brew a single cup of green tea before preparing your smoothie, using one or two green tea bags. You will require a half-cup of green tea to make the cinnamon and honey green tea smoothie. Pour the half-cup of green tea into a small airtight container and place in your fridge.

• ½ a cup of green tea
• ½ a banana (frozen)
• ½ a cup of almond milk (can be replaced with coconut milk or soymilk)
• 1 tablespoon of raw honey
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Add all of the ingredients to your blender, starting with the green tea, almond milk, banana, any produce, honey, and cinnamon.
Blend the ingredients until smooth and then serve.

Raw honey is a vital ingredient in this recipe. It contains an abundance of beneficial vitamins and minerals, while giving it the sweetness that would usually come from sugar. Among the ingredients found in raw honey, you will receive a healthy dose of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and vitamin C, as well as minerals – iron, copper, calcium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and manganese.
This combination of nutrients will boost your energy, provide you with antioxidants, and support the development of healthy bacteria in your gut, while also preventing the growth of harmful bacteria or fungi.

A green tea smoothie is intended to cleanse your body and build up your immune system. This makes it a great meal replacement for the cold or flu season, while also boosting your metabolism, making it an awesome part of your fitness and diet routine.

Training Tip

Lengthen & Stretch
By Peter Loncto

The Technogym FlexAbility machines, located poolside, provide an opportunity to lengthen and stretch the lower body. Functional hip flexors allow pain and injury free movement for everything you do . . . From standing to running, a spirited tennis match or a simple walk around the Lake.

The iliopsoas muscles are the most powerful flexors of the thigh at the hip joint. Flexion of the hip by the iliopsoas is an essential part of many complex motions such as walking or running. A healthy iliopsoas is important for all the movements you do in your daily life. Tight iliopsoas can be associated with low back discomfort and dysfunction.


Place both hands onto the handle in front to control the movement. Maintain an upright posture and place one foot onto the platform with the opposite knee on the Flex machine.

Lift the yellow brake handle with both hands, release some pressure on your opposite leg, and descend into the stretch. When you reach the desired range of motion, release the brake and hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds.



Lift the yellow brake handle again with both hands, and slide your knee forward to return to the starting position. Repeat for the other leg.

Once you have mastered this basic stretch, the Technogym FlexAbility Anterior machine can be progressed to offer a full range of hip flexor, quadriceps, adductor, gluteus and hamstring stretches.

Please feel free to contact me through the Front Desk or via text or call on my cell: 805-341-2425 for a personal consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.

PiYo Tip

Ballet Legs: "Ron de Jambe" (Round of the Leg)
By Katie Whittaker

Lengthen, strengthen, tone and stretch, with this simple yet effective exercise.

Standing tall, with your stomach pulled in, back straight, and your arm stretched in front of you;
• Extend your right arm forward while pointing your right leg and toe in front to first position.
• Extend your arm to the side as you circle your toe to the side (second position).
• Stretch your arm up above while sweeping your leg a round to the back (third position), completing a semi-circle.

• Repeat eight times in graceful, sweeping movements, then switching to your left leg and repeating.

To learn more, come to my PiYo class every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm, and learn how how Pilates-Fusion can enhance all areas of your life!

Yoga Tip

High Lunge
By Cindy Zaveruha

High Lunge in Yoga is all about lengthening and stretching. You are reaching through the heel of the back leg, which stretches the calves and hamstring muscles. You are vigorously stretching tight hip flexor muscles. Your sternum reaches forward lenghtening all sides of the torso. Your hands or fingertips are on the mat while you reach through the crown of your head, elongating the neck. Abdominal muscles are fully engaged as you draw the belly in and use your core for stability. The foundation is key in high lunge as you maintain balance by pressing down through the mound of your front big toe, and continuously engage the core and legs.

There are many variations of high lunge to incorporate into a yoga sequence or workout routine including high lunge tap-downs where you interlace your thumbs, reach for the sky and slowly lower the back knee to the floor, repeating a series of sets on the left and right sides. High lunge is often used in Sun Salutations as well, in place of, or in addition to, Warrior I.

To learn more, attend any of the WAC yoga classes or connect with me through my website below!

Swimming Tip

Off Season Strength Training for Swimmers
By John Sutcliffe

Add these functional exercises to your off-season routine to build stroke power and a strong core. Focus on good technique and proper body position. If you can only do two reps with perfect form, take a 20–30-second break, then try two more.

Plank Row

Grab a dumbbell in each hand in a plank position. Keep knees or feet hip-width apart for balance and stability. Lean body weight onto left arm and lift the right dumbbell off the floor. Use a “row” motion to pull dumbbell up to the side of your body. Do not rotate torso; keep chest facing the floor. Slowly lower dumbbell, transfer body weight, and repeat with the left arm.
Beginner: Legs bent, balance on knees.
Advanced: Legs straight, balance on toes.
Reps: 10 rows each arm. Adjust weights as necessary to complete set with proper form.

Kettle Bell Swing
A dumbbell can be substituted (hold onto one end). Assume a squat position and grasp the weight between your legs. Stand up, keep arms straight, and swing the weight up to shoulder height, using your lower body and the momentum of the weight. Let it swing between your legs as you go into a deep squat, hinging at the hips with knees bent.
Reps: 30 sec of continuous swinging, rest 60 sec, repeat 30 sec.

Medicine Ball Pushup
Use a solid medicine ball that will roll and support body weight. Position it under your right hand; do one pushup. Use right hand to roll the ball toward left hand. Position the ball under left hand; do one pushup. Repeat this cycle.
Beginner: Legs bent, balance on knees.
Advanced: Legs straight, balance on toes.
Reps: 2×10 pushups with 60 sec rest.


Tennis Tip

This side of 50 on the Tennis Court: Mental Toughness, Positive Talk
By Karl Akkerman
Tennis is universally acknowledged as a sport of Skills, Strategy, and Athleticism. But if you are a competitive tennis player, I think that Mental Toughness has to be included in this definition as well. Arguably, it should be the most important aspect, and here is why:
In an average tennis match of 90 minutes, players are hitting balls only 18 minutes. That leaves about 72 minutes of time thinking about the next point. The difference between two players of almost equal ability is the one who has the better attribute of Mental Toughness.

What is Mental Toughness? It is the mental state that allows a player to compete at their peak performance even when confronted with unexpected challenges. The mentally tough player can realize the full extent of their strengths whether emotional or mental, and is enabled to stay strong, focused, and determined when challenged. Mental Toughness allows you to learn from your mistakes. and means maintaining the resilience to be able to keep emotions in check.

Like your athletic ability, skills, and strategies, you have to practice Mental Toughness. It does not just come from reading or hearing about it. Like any part of your body, it needs to be exercised and stretched, and requires doing it every time you are on the court, until it becomes part of your habits and rituals every time.

There are at least 60 major areas to Mental Toughness. I plan to cover many of these in my clinics over the next several Sundays at 9:00am – 10:30am, incorporating them with drills and competitive situations.

One example of Mental Toughness discussed at our last Sunday morning clinic was Positive Self Talk, a critical tool strong competitors use to maintain their confidence and focus. One should practice banishing negative thoughts by having a “Positive Mantra” and a “Physical Trigger”. An example would be slapping or tapping your thigh followed by a positive mantra like, “I can return this serve deep.” The use of positive affirmations keeps you upbeat and confident, giving you a better chance to excel. After this past Sunday’s Clinic, Lisa had a USTA match and she said she used the Positive Self Talk consciously during her match, and that it worked.

There is not enough space here to cover all the information we want to share on Mental Toughness, so join Tim Roche and I on Sunday Mornings, to get the full scoop. We also have a 6:30-7:30pm Wednesday clinic, and Thursday evenings Warm Up / Workout to keep in shape, so we can continue playing this game we love... Tennis.

Life at WAC

Fall Into Winter
By Anna Griffin

It’s officially fall and we are headed into winter, but that hasn’t stopped you embracing your fitness goals in our glorious S. Cali weather. The days are still sunny and beautiful, and you continue to enjoy the warmth, pushing yourselves to greater limits in your athletic prowess.
As is normal for life at Westlake Athletic Club, we have had some great events during the recent months, and look forward to a busy close of the year with great new classes and group exercise opportunities, tennis, and of course a bit of social fun!

On October 17th, Westlake Athletic Club participated for the first time in the
Conejo Cup, an exciting, annual tennis championship with over 190 players competing from WAC, Spanish Hills, Sunset Hills, and North Ranch. Held at North Ranch Country Club, WAC proudly finished in second place winning silver, behind Sunset Hills in the group division, 11-3 in sets. It was a great introduction to a new event and we'll be back next year to take the title!


On Halloween weekend, WAC members headed out to Shadow Mountain in Palm Desert for a little three-day tennis retreat. The weather could not have been better, the costume party was a hoot and lots of tennis was played. In the competition tournament Karen Walker and Annie Farkas came in first. with Laurie Mealer and Sharron Hendrix coming in second. On the men’s side, birthday boy, Steve Sliverman, and his partner, Tim Roche, came in first with Eddie Torres and Bruce Scheldon coming in second.

In traditional WAC style, Happy Hour ensued, followed by a two-hour, three-course meal at THE NEST, and the hospitality room and hot tubs at the resort were all quite full. Lots of good times, friendship, great tennis, and gorgeous, sunny weather, made for a fabulous long weekend.
Sue Dotzler (Killer Bee) and Joe (Victim)

Two beers on Tap (Shoes) Farkas’s

Bethany Mattek-Sands

Is that Fred and Wilma?

These two, Karl and Nancy Ackerman, are always rocking . . .

The Gang’s all here!

At home, WAC’s Juniors celebrated Halloween on October 24th with our annual Tennis Party, enjoying a spooktacular event, with costumes, competitions, and even a Sundae bar. Where else would you get to see kids play tennis as pirates, monopoly men, a monkey, or a crayon?

In other, exciting news, huge congratulations to Kelly Honig who won her seat in November’s Westlake Village City Council elections. We couldn’t be happier to have such a great representative of our beautiful home as Kelly, who will do our city proud! You go, Girl!
In fitness news, Body Sculpting Classes are now taking place every Monday and Wednesday from 12.30-1.30 pm, in our gorgeous new fitness studio. Holly Butler is leading this phenomenal class, which offers a mixture of floor exercises and resistance training utilizing our state of the art yoga wall. Build, lengthen, lean and stretch, for a fabulously balanced and functional body.


Also coming soon, Amy Malloy’s high-energy Barre class, set to music, on Fridays at 12.30-1.30 pm, with a focus on elongation, alignment, and a fitter, more toned you!
Amy Malloy

For our runners, we are thrilled to announce our new WAC Run Club!
Starting Saturday November 19th at 8:45 AM.

Run Club will always be Saturdays at 8:45 AM!!!!

Members Welcome!!!!! It’s FREE to members, $10.00 per workout for guests and friends.

This is a run club designed to help ALL LEVEL of Runners.

A Run Club Workout will average between 5 to 8 miles.

Scott Davis – Head Running Coach of WAC and P5 Racing was a college runner at the University of Colorado and currently competes in both shorter and longer distance triathlons. This past summer he competed in the Chattanooga Ironman where he finished first in his age group and qualified for the 2016 World Championships in Kona, HI.

The purpose of the run club will be to help runners:
1. Have more fun running by learning how to run better.
2. Social Aspect of Running with friends and people
3. Learn the principles of being a better runner
4. Go to 5k, 10K, and half marathons as a group. Our first fun race is Super 10K in Redondo Beach and our 1st go away race is Bay to Breakers (12K) in San Francisco in May. “A weekend on the Bay"

Running workouts and routes will change based on the needs of the runners. Yes, we will be doing trail running sometimes as well.

Currently, we have people enrolled that run 13 minutes per mile, runners that average 7 min per min and everything in between. If your pace has plateaued and you are looking to lower your times, these workouts will take you to that next level. Come on out and join us!

Tennis players, get ready to sign-up for the Winter Leagues. Registration will take place on Wednesday, December 2nd, from 7-9 pm in the Front Desk area. As always it's first come first serve, and if you are unable to attend, you can call the club to sign-up, or be put on the waiting list after Thursday, December 3rd. There will be no registration by phone before December 3rd. Registration closes on Friday, December 11.


Winter League Schedule 2016 - Leagues Start the week of January 11.

10:30 am: Ladies 3.5/4.0 Fixed Partner (No 3.0’s)
7:30 pm: Ladies 4.0/4.5 Fixed Partner
(No 3.5’s without approval from Calle or Alex)


7:30 pm: Ladies 3.0/3.5 Fixed Partner
(Two flights based on strength of play)

10:30 am: Ladies 3.0 Fixed Partner
7:30 pm: Mixed 3.0/3.5 Fixed Partner
(Three flights based on strength of play)

7:30 pm: Men's 3.5 Fixed Partner
7:30 pm: Mixed 4.0/4.5 Fixed Partner

10:30 am Ladies 3.0/3.5/4.0 Singles

$25 for a 9-week session, open to WAC members only. Register early to guarantee your spot! 818.889.6164.

Also, mark your calendars for Friday, December 4th, from 6-9 pm, for our Parent-Child Tennis Tournament. Round robin tennis, competition, games, dinner, and drinks for $45 per team. Entries due by 2 pm on December 2nd. Sign-up at the Front Desk, or click here for more information

With the holidays upon us, we switch gears to a little social fun and a chance to celebrate the season with our fellow members and teammates. We have a couple of festive events coming up, beginning on Saturday, December 5th, with a cruise through the San Pedro Harbor to participate in the Los Angeles Harbor Holiday Afloat Parade. With our dear friend and WAC member Barbara Sklar, on her beautiful yacht, the Odyssey, we’ll join approximately 50 parade boats, including vessels of all shapes and sizes, including powerboats, sailboats, tall ships and harbor working craft, all lit-up for the holidays. The parade is from 6-8.30 pm, and tickets are available for $35 for Members, and $40 for Non-Members, including nibbles and a festive glass of cheer. See the sign-up sheet at the Front Desk for more information, and bring your friends and family for a truly special event. The more, the merrier!

img img

On Sunday, December 6th, we host Holiday Tea and Tennis at WAC, from 12-4 pm. Come and enjoy round robin social tennis, followed by High Tea; salad, sandwiches, cookies, scones, tea and lemonade. $30 for Members, and $35 for Non-Members . . . Sign-up at the Front Desk, and for more information click here.

From sports to social, there is always something fun to do here at WAC. And if nothing else, you can always join these two for a wind-down in the hot tub . . .

Happy November, Members! Enjoy!

imgWAC’s Technogym Holiday Challenge!


WAC chooses to engage, motivate and provide fun options for our members with the “Challenge” application located on your mywellness account. Our goal is to inspire our members to be more active both inside and outside of the club. Members can access the Challenge and track their progress on their mywellness account which can be created once you have downloaded the App ( from the App store. Members must create their account and join the challenge in order to participate in our challenges.
Holiday Moves will be our second Challenge and will begin November 15th and continue through the end of the year. The top members that accumulate the greatest number of Moves will pick from a terrific selection of prizes list below. Your Moves can be tracked directly off of the Technogym cardiovascular equipment or can be entered manually in the New Activity section from other activities such as swimming and tennis. If you are entering the information manually you simply enter the amount of time that you spent doing your activity. This is then transformed into a certain number of Moves and recorded on your account. All of the activities are listed under daily, classes, sports, or exercise tiles that are listed in the New activity section. Once an activity has been entered it can be found via the recent tile in the new activity section.
Management will also be awarding water bottles, hand towels and t-shirts to different members throughout the contest. Let’s all Move to keep those Holiday pounds off! Good luck everyone. More Challenges and more motivation to come.

Please check with any of our trainers if you need help with the MyWellness App.

Holiday Moves Prize List

Curtis Dahl Photography – Complimentary Portrait Sitting which includes one 11X14 picture. Valued at $500
Signed canvas print by Michael Maselli – Valued at $450

American Tourister Star Wars R2D2 Hardside Spinner. Value at $150
Vinesse Wines – 2 Bottles of Wine. Valued at $75
Pelican Products – Elite Cooler. Valued at $125
Zin Bistro – Gift Certificate. Valued at $100
K-Swiss – Men’s BigShot 2.5 shoes. Valued at $100
K-Swiss – Lady’s BigShot 2.5 shoes. Valued at $100
Head – Case of tennis balls. Valued at $100
Westlake Athletic Club – Credit towards monthly dues. Valued at $100
Westlake Athletic Club – One-hour tennis lesson. Valued at $75
Westlake Athletic Club – One-hour personal training session. Valued at $75
Westlake Athletic Club – One-hour swim lesson. Valued at $80
Westlake Athletic Club – FREE Stringing. Includes choice of strings & labor. Valued at $40 (Download from Apple store or Google Play) for your mobile device (create your account on your computer)

Welcome to WAC:The Hub of the Club!

Meet Our New Team Members
By Shari Gianini, Assistant Manager

As our club continues to grow, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new team members, from the front desk, to the fitness center, to the courts. Please welcome the following . . .

imgAfter graduating high school in Bakersfield, California in 2012, Sabrina moved back to Ventura County to attend California State University, Channel Islands. She is currently a senior majoring in Liberal Studies and getting an emphasis in Mathematics with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher in the future. Due to currently working two part time jobs, Sabrina doesn’t have much free time but when it presents itself she likes to go to concerts, on mini vacation trips, or travel to local motocross tracks to watch her boyfriend and their friends improve their riding skills. She can't wait to get to know everyone and already feels welcomed into the WAC family as our newest front desk employee.

imgAmy Malloy hales from Chicago, Illinois and comes to SoCal by way of New Haven, CT and NYC. She moved to the area two years ago with her family and is happy to be working at Westlake Athletic Club. She is an actor, Mom, and fitness professional. Amy received her MFA from the Yale School of Drama and her BA from Columbia College. Her fitness expertise is backed by certifications and almost 30 years of experience teaching group fitness and personal training. We are pleased that she will be teaching the Barre class on Fridays at 12:30pm.

We are happy to have Kim Leigh as our newest Master’s Swim Coach. Kim has been coaching Master’s Swim for five years including open water swimming for triathletes, and actively participates in Master’s programs as well. She is a graduate of CSU Northridge with a BA and MS in Microbiology and has been a part of Amgen since 2003.

imgInfluenced by growing up in Boulder, CO (aka the fittest city in America), Holly has always led an active lifestyle. As an adult, she was drawn to non-impact fitness, starting with the athleticism of Vinyasa yoga. While practicing yoga she discovered and fell in love with Barre and Body Sculpting classes using resistance training. Her three daughters were all in school and Holly thought it was the right time to get her certification and go back to work, doing something she loved. Holly spends her “off” time coordinating many school drop-offs, pick-ups and dance carpools for her daughters, being involved in charity work for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, volunteering at school, and playing tennis at WAC with her husband. We are pleased that Holly will be teaching the Body Sculpting class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30pm.

imgMelissa Sherline has recently joined Westlake Athletic Club as a front desk associate as well as an instructor for the junior tennis clinics. She moved to California in 2011 from Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a stay-at-home mother to her 3 children and started playing tennis only 8 years ago. Melissa actively participates on USTA teams and takes group tennis lessons with Chris Dudeck. In addition to playing tennis, Melissa loves to stay active by hiking, playing golf, yoga, and scuba diving.

From the Front Desk

By Ann Reader, Front Desk Supervisor

You may have noticed several new faces greeting you at the front desk, including me. We have a few new employees and have moved around some shifts. That is why it is more important than ever to take the time to use your cards to check in and to let us know when you have a guest. Using your card to check in may seem like an innocuous task, but it provides important information and helps us serve you better.

The most obvious benefit is to make sure that everyone visiting the club is either a member or a guest of a member, but it provides other benefits as well. It allows us to see our busiest times and what facilities are being used and this information, in turn, tells us what kind of employee coverage is needed or equipment maintenance is required. Our General Manager, John Sutcliffe, can also use this information to advocate for upgrades, repairs or expansions to the different areas of the club.

Our front desk employees are interested in providing a welcoming environment to our members, and by checking in it allows us get to know you and serve you better. We often know your first name, but it takes a little more time to remember both first and last names. When you ask us to put an item on your account as you are quickly running in or out of the club, we can refer to our check-in computer to make sure we are charging the correct person. If you take lessons with our Pros or Trainer, it is helpful to check in and let us know how you wish to pay for these services.

In the very rare instance we have have an emergency, we want to be able to look up your member information and contact the person you have designated as your emergency contact, if necessary.

If you have forgotten your card, we are happy to take your name and manually enter it into the system. If you have lost your card, we can replace it for $5.00. As an added incentive to get members to check -in, we are offering replacement cards at no cost for the month of November only.

These are just a few of the reason to check-in with us. It only takes seconds and will benefit both you and the club!

Fitness Stuff

Meet your Trainers

imgPatti Markowitz
Patti has been helping people stay healthy and fit for over 20 years. Patti feels that fitness is the cornerstone to overall health and wellness and that getting fit is the first step to gaining a new and healthy lifestyle. As a certified personal trainer Patti specializes in custom training routines and likes to challenge and encourage her clients to surpass their physical and mental boundaries. As your trainer she will take your health and wellness personally, working alongside you to help achieve all of your fitness goals. With your determination and her dedication you can make anything happen.

imgBrooke Wedding:
Elite Spartan Racing Athlete
2015 World Championship Contender
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM Performance Enhancement Trainer and Personal Trainer
Tennis Professional PTR 10&U,11-17, Adult Development, High Performance

imgKatie Whittaker
Katie specializes in aquatic exercise, yoga, and meditation, as well as in strength, toning and cardiovascular training. She also offers nutrition counseling and weight management. Creator of "Aqua Yoga," she uses water and land exercise to compassionately assist clients both pre and post surgery. Katie is certified in fitness instruction by the National Arthritis Association, the Yoga Alliance, the Aquatic Exercise Association, the American Council on Exercise, and the National Association of Sports Medicine. Katie has guided hundreds of clients to better health for more than 10 years.

imgPeter Loncto
Peter Loncto is a longtime resident of Westlake Village and the newest member of our training staff. As a National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Suspension Training instructor, he blends his passion and enthusiasm for fitness with his knowledge and experience to motivate and challenge his clients to feel their best.

"When I first met with John Sutcliffe a year ago and he shared his vision of a first rate fitness center, I was excited to have an opportunity to work with my neighbors in our fantastic community. After learning of his commitment to Technogym, I was all in! The Technogym philosophy of Wellness, their unique, elegant Kinesis One stations with an emphasis on adaptive, functional movement, and their unequaled interactive capability place them far out in front of any other traditional gym equipment. Some of you may have seen me in the Fitness Center over the last month, working out and becoming familiar with the literally thousands of movements possible with the Technogym system. Every day I am more impressed with Technogym's versatility and applicability to all levels of fitness. Whether your goal is a better backstroke, more tee-to-green distance, weight loss and toning, or just feeling your best, Technogym offers dozens of programs and the ability to customize a wellness program just for you.

I look forward to meeting all of you in the coming months and welcome the chance to assist you in identifying your Wellness goals, and working with you to achieve them. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. It would be an honor to be part of your Wellness journey.

Holly Butler
Influenced by growing up in Boulder, CO (aka the fittest city in America), Holly Butler has always lead an active lifestyle. As an adult, she was drawn to non-impact fitness, starting with the athleticism of Vinyasa yoga. While practicing yoga she discovered and fell in love with Barre classes and Body Sculpting classes using resistance training. Her 3 daughters were all in school and Holly thought it was the right time to get her certification and go back to work, doing something she loved. Holly spends her “off” time coordinating many school drop-offs, pick-ups and dance carpools for her daughters, being involved in charity work for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, volunteering school, and playing tennis at WAC with her husband. We are pleased that Holly will be teaching the Body Sculpting class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30pm.

Amy Malloy
Amy Malloy hales from Chicago, Illinois and comes to SoCal by way of New Haven, CT and NYC. She moved to the area 2 years ago with her family and is happy to be working at Westlake Athletic Club. She is an actor, a mom, and a fitness professional. Amy received her MFA from the Yale School of Drama and her BA from Columbia College. Her fitness expertise is backed by certifications and almost 30 years of experience teaching group fitness and personal training. We are pleased that she will be teaching the Barre class on Fridays at 12:30pm.

Kim Leigh
We are pleased to have Kim Leigh as our newest Master’s Swim Coach. Kim has been coaching Master’s Swim for 5 years including open water swimming for triathletes and she actively participates in Master’s programs as well. She is a graduate of CSU Northridge with a BA and MS in Microbiology and has been a part of Amgen since 2003.

Group Exercise Schedule

 Day           Class
 Time  Teacher
 Mon & Wed Master Swim 12.00 pm-1.00 pm Scott
 Mon & Wed Body Sculpting 12.30-1.30pm Holly
 Yoga (Beg/Int)
 5:30-6:30pm      Cindy
 Mon Live Ball (3.0+) 6.30-8.00 pm Lorene
 Tue & Thurs Master Swim 5.30-6.30 am Katie
 Tue & Thurs  Yoga (Beg/Int)
 9:00-10am  Katie
 Tue &Thurs  PiYo 6:00-7:00pm  Katie             
 Tue Masters Swim
 6.30-8.00 pm Kim
 Tue Serious Tennis
 6.00-7.30 pm  Chris
 Wed Cardio Tennis 9.00-10.30 am Chris
 Wed Yoga (Beg/Int)
 5:30-6:30 pm Beth
 Wed Men’s Live Ball (4.0+) 6.00-7.30 pm Calle
 Wed Adult Tennis Drills 6.30-8.00 pm Karl
 Thurs Adult Tennis Drills 6.30-8.00 pm  Tim
 Fri Barre Class
 12.30-1.30 pm Amy
 Sat Master Swim 7.00-8.30 am Kari
 Sat  Yoga (Beg/Int)
 8:30-9:30am  Katie
 Sat Live Ball (3.0+) 10.30 am-12.00 pm Chris
 Sun  Yoga 9:00-10:00am  Katie/Cindy
 Sun Tennis Clinic (All Level) 9.00-10.30 am Karl/Tim


Masters Swim

imgKevin Lane, Swim Instructor & Coach

Kevin Lane is the Assistant Swim Coach of California Lutheran University Men's and Women's Swim Team. He is also an adjunct instructor at CLU, teaching swimming, and a Masters Swim Coach at Westlake Athletic Club (Certified USMS Level 2).

In addition to coaching, Kevin teaches swimming to all ages and levels here at the WAC. You may have seen him working with students in the pool.

He teaches private one on one lessons as well as groups of two students. His lessons run from 30 mins to an hour, and are for beginners, intermediate, all the way to the competitive student. Kevin has a reputation as a warm and caring instructor who is very intuitive when comes to each individual's needs. With years of experience, he understands how to get the best out of each student at every lesson.

Kevin started swimming and competing at the age of seven. Growing up in Connecticut, he continued to swim through his teen years on the club level, setting many Connecticut State records. He represented Connecticut Swimming as an all-star team member, and traveled and competed against other all-star teams. Moving on to Southern Connecticut State University, a top ten NCAA Division II School, he competed on the national level and set school records in the in the 200 fly and in relays. In his senior year he was elected captain of his team.

After college, Kevin continued to train, compete and coach, eventually winning the Masters One Mile Open Rough Water National Championship for his age group. For over 20 years Kevin has been teaching swimming, coaching on the college, masters and novice level. He has just completed his fifth year of college coaching at CLU.

Kevin brings to the Westlake Athletic Club an enthusiastic love of swimming, with over 20 years of experience as a swim instructor, swim coach and competitor. Kevin looks forward to helping others advance in the water, as they learn how wonderful and positive the swimming experience is. As spring and summer approaches, Kevin encourages all members and families to get out and start a regular exercise program that includes swimming.

Masters Swim Schedule
Mon & Wed 12 to 1pm
Tues & Thurs 5:30 to 6:30am
Tues & Thurs 6:15-7:30pm
Sat 7 to 8:15am

Tennis Stuff

Video clip from Chris Dudeck, Co-Director at WAC

Video clip from Calle Hansen, Co-Director at WAC

Tennis Clinics

Int. Clinic Monday 9:30-10:30am
Int. Live Ball Monday 6:30-7:30pm
Serious Tennis
Tuesday 6:00-7:30pm
Cardio Tennis Wednesday 9:00-10:30am Chris
Men’s Live Ball Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm Calle
League Warm-UpWednesday 6:30-7:30pm  Karl
Warm Up/WorkoutThursday 6.30-7.30 pm
 Karl & Tim
Live BallSaturday 10:30 -11:30am Calle
Skills, Thrills & DrillsSunday 9-10:30am Karl


Match Finder

Steve Hamburger, Lynn Abroms, and Bill Ries are looking for USTA or self rated 3.5 players for doubles and mixed doubles. The group plays two or three times a week, week days 8:30am to 11am. Steve and Bill maintain an e-mail listing and help coordinate the matches. If interested please e-mail Steve at

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